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Impact to interest, experience to feel and learn to love music

The L'Auditori Educational Project was born in 2000 and, since then, has promoted spaces for exchange, revitalization and renewal of music education in Catalonia. It offers different lines of action, such as family concerts, school concerts, training for parents and teachers, participatory concerts, activities at the Music Museum, etc.

Each year around 70 musical training sessions are held for 10,000 people and nearly 80 participatory activities aimed at schoolchildren aged 1 to 18, music schools, children's choirs, music professionals, pedagogy professionals, families, disadvantaged groups and the general public. Each season around 800 activities are scheduled that bring together 200,000 attendees both inside and outside the l'Auditori.


Each season we offer a program of up to 26 concerts different for families with girls and boys of all ages, with more than 90 sessions throughout the year. Each concert is tailored to children. A team of pedagogues, composers, musicians, choreographers and stage managers work to make their first musical experience unique and special.
Children aged 1 or over must have a ticket to attend Family Concerts. All adults and children must have a ticket to attend Workshops for Kids and Concerts for Babies.

Workshops and previous talks

At L'Auditori we also offer the possibility to prepare for the concert for families with girls and boys up to 5 years old with the family workshops. In these workshops, the music of the concert you will come to see is worked on with suggestions and proposals to continue enjoying the music at home. A few days before the activity, registered families receive a dossier that allows them to prepare the contents. Each workshop is related to one or more specific sessions, after which there will be an exclusive meeting with the musicians for the families who have taken the workshop.

In the case of concerts for families with children aged 5 and over, you can always access the free preliminary talks which take place in the same concert hall one hour before. These talks will bring us closer to the concert that we will see next.


On the L'Auditori Play digital platform, we offer web albums of the family shows of the L'Auditori educational project, with audios, explanatory texts, lyrics, illustrations created specifically for each project, and audios of all the musical pieces to experience the interactive show. We also film some family projects to relive the concert experience from home.





Selection and musical direction by Martí Serra.

Fairies, goblins, monsters and mythological characters from around the world are the starting point of this concert designed for the little ones. Based on these legendary characters, we will travel across the five continents and get to know the characteristic sounds of these cultures. Don't miss the most monstrous concert on our schedule!


Selection and musical direction by Marta Roma.

Ducks, chickens, parrots, ostriches and penguins... birds that fly, that swim, that run and that sing and dance to the rhythm of music from very different periods and styles. Melodies that, like birds, travel and invite us to discover corners of the world.

© Il·lustració de Inge Nouws


Selection, musical direction and arrangements by Arnau Obiols.

We propose you to discover our natural and human environment through the sounds and the music that is born from these sounds. Roots music, many of them rediscovered for the occasion and interpreted from a contemporary perspective by five musicians who draw from both the traditional world and the most current music.


Preludi is the proposal aimed at groups of more than 40 people who want to attend a family concert. We offer you to extend this experience with a training held in the same town of origin, before or after the concert. 

The formations around the concerts can be of various types and are prepared according to the needs of the group. They all last an hour and a half and are taught by professionals who regularly collaborate with the l'Auditori Educational Project.

To apply and for more information, you can send an email to or call 93 247 93 05.


  • This way? For education or music teaching professionals, for families with children, or for parents.
  • Because? To prepare the concerts, to raise awareness, and to work on the content of the concert afterwards.
  • where? These trainings take place in the space chosen by the applicant.
  • when? Before or after the concert.


  • Listen to live music.
  • Facilitate materials: guide, activities, information, works, manual program...
  • Give tools to prepare the concert.
  • Offer cultural proposals to do with the family.
  • Encourage music in the community: school/family.
  • To introduce different styles, musical groups and diverse repertoires.
  • Bringing musical quality closer to children.
  • Get to know the l'Auditori.
© Joan LemusOut of the [Cage]



More than 80,000 schoolchildren from all over Catalonia have passed through L'Auditori to discover the magic of live music. For more than 20 years, L'Auditori has been working on the creation of educational projects. Every year we premiere new concerts of our own production, accompanied by didactic materials and training to support teachers in working with music in the classroom.

The l'Auditori is a benchmark for the educational group of ECHO (European Concert Hall Organization) and ROCE (Network of Educational Concert Organizers). Many of our projects have been exported to European countries and Latin America.


On June 27 at 8 a.m. we open the registration period for the School Concerts for the 24/25 season. You can make reservations through the website

For more information contact the l'Auditori Educational Project:



In the 1989-1990 school year, Cantània was born from the will of the music teachers from the 9 municipal schools in Barcelona to do some joint activity. In 1997, all the schools in the city were added. The success was such that in 2002 it began to be implemented in other cities in Catalonia and, in 2005, it began to grow around the world.

A participatory activity

Cantània is a participatory activity aimed at middle and upper primary school students. Every season a new work is commissioned, for a large choir of boys and girls, from renowned Catalan composers and writers. Throughout the school year, work is done both from the l'Auditori and from the school. The aim is to organize an event for the students that, due to the global features designed exclusively for them, for the quality and for the personal and collective involvement in the event, becomes an unforgettable musical experience for all.


To date, Cantania has been performed in more than 20 cities in 6 countries, both European and American. In Spain: Argentona, Burgos, Cádiz, El Vendrell, Figueres, Girona, Granollers, Madrid, Manresa, Mataró, Olot, Parla, Reus, Salamanca, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Zaragoza, Seville, Valladolid, Vic and Vilafranca del Penedès. In Germany: Mainz, Bremen, Biefeld, Neustadt and Koblenz. In Belgium: Brussels. In Portugal: Guimaraes. In Venezuela: Caracas. In Italy: Alexandria. And in Mexico. Over the course of a school year, approximately 50,000 children, 1,000 music teachers from more than 1,000 schools and 100,000 spectators take to the stages in all the participating cities.


The teaching staff attend three training sessions in the l'Auditori, where they are given the necessary tools to do the work in the classroom with the students. The project ends with a concert in Sala 1 Pau Casals of the l'Auditori, where all the registered schools participate together, accompanied live by professional musicians and actors.


On the L'Auditori Play digital platform, music teachers have web albums with all the materials needed to prepare the Cantània interactively: texts, audios with all the vocal parts, instrumental audios to sing with the students, vocal scores , sheet music for voice and piano, video tutorials to learn the choreographies and various teaching files and didactic materials.

Go to the cantanies websites and access all the content:


Music by Marc Timón and text by Jair Domínguez..

A group of students is preparing to take the end-of-year trip on a huge cruise ship that pollutes a lot and is a clear example of an unsustainable means of transportation.


The doors of the world

Music by Raquel García-Tomás and text by Bernat Castany Prado.

Sara is a seven-year-old blind girl. His dream is to go around the world, like the protagonist of Around the world in 80 days, the book his father reads to him every night.


Clara, the art inside

Music by Josep Maria Guix and text by Jordi Llavina.

Clara and Blanca live an exciting adventure inside the works of art, a magical and wonderful world where distances are altered and time runs at a different speed.


Music by Óscar Peñarroya and text by Cèsar Aparício.

Marcel spends hours with his new digital devices. One stormy day he meets Sara: her virtual universe will open doors he never dreamed of.



The composers enter the classroom is a project of the Institute of Education Sciences of the UAB and the Educational Project of L'Auditori and it brings contemporary music to Primary students through audition and musical creation, and counting always with the in-person contribution of current female composers. The project, started in the 2014-15 academic year, has included composers such as Agustí Charles, Ramon Humet, Josep M. Guix, Héctor Parra, Oliver Rappoport, Carlos de Castellarnau, Pablo Carrascosa, Bernat Vivancos, Raquel Garcia Tomás, Joan Magrané, Octavi Rumbau, Fabiano Santkovsky, Núria Giménez, Enric Palomar, Itziar Viloria and Fritz Hauser.‎ The project wants to facilitate boys and girls in the collective creation of a work of art, a journey that leads children to learn music through the process of elaboration and performance in public of his own compositions.‎


  • The project starts from a selection of works by current composers linked to the Sampler Series program and the development of didactic proposals to work in the classroom.
  • The training of the teachers who carry out the experience extends throughout the development of the project. Each of the teachers works with a single work.
  • The task in the classroom begins with the listening and analysis of the work, then continues with the creation by the boys and girls of small compositions mirrored in the musical features of the pieces studied.
  • Aquestes produccions seran presentades al compositor el dia que assisteixi a l’aula, el qual els donarà indicacions i suggeriments per millorar-les.
  • In the subsequent sessions, the students will discuss them, put them into practice and rehearse them to interpret them. Finally, the works will be presented in concerts in the l'Auditori attended by students from different participating schools.



Composers enter the classroom is intended for students from 1st to 6th Primary. Schools must commit to participating in the project for two academic years and must meet the following requirements:

  • First year: The registered music teacher must attend six training sessions (*) and a final evaluation meeting. This is a 30-hour course, recognized by the Department of Education.
  • Second year: The music teacher must attend three training sessions and a final assessment meeting. These training hours are not recognized.
  • Devote to the project, from the beginning until the day of the concert, a weekly session - not necessarily the whole one -; this means approximately four to five months of the school year.
  • Receive the composer during the second half of the second term, a session of one and a half hours per group/class. The schedule must be agreed with the registered teachers, trying to adapt to the needs of the center.
  • • Present the works in concert (**) in Hall 3 of L'Auditori. Participating students must come to L'Auditori to perform their compositions live. These concerts are not open to the public.

(*) Durant el curs 2023/24 les sessions de formació seran: ‎

  • Three sessions between the months of September and November, two in the afternoon at the UAB and one during school hours at a school.
  • Three sessions between the months of January and March, one in January during school hours in a school, and two during February - March in a space to be determined.
  • An evaluation session during the month of May.

(**) The concerts will be:

  • April 17, 2024 at 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.
  • April 18, 2024 at 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.
  • April 19, 2024 at 10 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

Minimum teacher requirementss

  • Being a music specialist teacher.
  • Have a minimum experience of 5 courses as a music teacher in primary education.
  • Have a minimum seniority of 2 years in the center you register.
  • It is recommended to have a level of musical studies equivalent to elementary level.

Registration and prices

Registration for the project begins on June 26, 2023 via electronic mail. The selection of participating schools is made on a strict first-come, first-served basis. This year we open the project to five schools. ‎

The price per school is €50 per course, which must be paid before the first training session. Once registration is confirmed, you will receive payment information. This price includes the material, training and entrance to the students' concert.‎

To formalize your registration, you need to send it to us this form duly filled in ‎

© orla titol petit-canvi


Here you will find the educational files for each concert, aimed at getting to know and deepen the repertoire, the contents and the operation of the show.

These thematic files edited by L'Auditori can be adapted to the literacy code for those schools that have pupils who use Braille. These centers can be addressed to the ONCE Barcelona Educational Resource Center ( to request this transcribed material.

SEASON 23/24

Essay with the OBC
Luz Marina Díaz

Els colors del metall
Laura Ballber and Teresa Malagarriga

Handel & Friends
Stella Claramunt

The OBC dances Ravel
Rosa Filat

Blanca Pujol

Alba Pujol Camins

Out of the [Cage]
Pepe Reche

Jessica Perez

Sonets de joguina
Violant Olivares

Everyone beeps

Cristina González-Martín

Anna Farrés and Llobet

Come sing The Beatles!
David Puertas

How instruments are born and grow
MªJose Anglès and Joan Fargas

Discover the Music Museum
Jordina Oriols and Montse Carol

Orpheus and Little Orpheus
Museu de la Música

Come and find your instrument friend
Marta Rodoreda


Georgina Borràs and Elvira Querol

Band-re-vent-so much
Victoria Ruiz

Broadband I
Assumpta Valls

Wide band II
Assumpta Valls

Classically Young
Joseph Barcons

Chords and discord
Jordina Oriols and Montse Carol

The wind and wood people
Assumpta Valls

The colors of the metal P2
Laura Ballber and Teresa Malagarriga

Queen Capdevilla

Orchestra guide
Monica Calaf

Electric stories
Maria José Anglés and Pepe Reche

The Firebird
Gemma Ufartes

Ma, me, me...Mozart!
Núria Gibert

Gemma Pla

Tree music
Vicky Gilisbars

orchestrate yourself
M. Antònia Guardiet and Bergalló

Mercè Parés

Pierrot in the Moon
Marta Figueres

Planet Clarinet
Adrian Garcia

Did you know you like classical music?
Anna Costal and Joaquim Rabasseda

Sixteen Strings
Montse Terrades

Somnis de músic
David Puertas

Bach sounds
Eulalia Montoriol

Blanca Pujol

Touched by the OBC
Ruth Ortin

Pipes and tubes
Laura Ballber

Tubes and pipes (Primary)
Jordina Oriols and Laura Ballber

Back and forth with Brodas Bros
Iris Gayete and L'Auditori

Wind, rhythm, action
Josep Mª Almacellas and Diez

See how many voices?
Tony Jorquera

Come sing Bob Marley
David PuertaS

Come sing rumba with Los Sarandongos
Martí Marfa

Anna Roig Dolz

Peter Godall

Maria Eugenia Arús

Calendar sessions
Sessions del dia

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