Improving sustainability is one of L’Auditori’s core values: it is in the institution’s DNA and pervades everything it does. 

L’Auditori, as a modern facility that appeals to our current society, acts in an environmentally responsible manner, putting in place measures to ensure the energy efficiency of the building. These include managing the HVAC system as well as the lighting, to reduce power consumption depending on the activities being carried out inside it. 

The following investments aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption have been carried out in the last few months:

  • Upgrading the hot water system;  
  • Replacing light fittings with LED systems;
  • Fitting the taps in the toilets with timers.  

The following measures are currently under way:

  • Refurbishing the building’s HVAC room (in progress); 
  • Updating the management system for the building’s installations (in progress); 
  • Fitting solar filters on the glass of the building’s façades to reduce heating from the sun (in progress); 
  • Installing solar panels on the roof to meet the building’s energy needs (in progress). 

In addition, plans to digitalise L’Auditori’s processes and reduce the use of paper have been expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic, and L’Auditori is currently saving 20 tonnes of paper per year (the weight of four elephants or two buses) by no longer printing programmes. Programmes are now provided electronically on our website, and L’Auditori is only printing 330,000 pages per year: 16% of the 2 million pages it was printing before.  


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