-The Consorci del Auditori i l'Orquestra reserves the right to make changes to the programming, dates, times, programs and artists, either at the request of the artists or for reasons beyond the Consorci del Auditori i l'Orquestra's control. Only in the case of cancellation of the concert will the full price of the seats purchased be reimbursed.
- The Consorci del Auditori i l'Orquestra reserves the right to apply sales commissions for management costs in the sales channels it deems relevant and in the reprinting of tickets at L'Auditori box office.
-Purchased seats cannot be changed or returned.
-The dynamics of the concert prices of the L'Auditori's artistic cycles may fluctuate up or down depending on the occupancy of the room.
-It is the buyer's responsibility to validate the discounts before finalizing the purchase; for which reason claims will not be accepted afterwards due to the non-application of a discount.
-Discounts are not cumulative.
- The Consorci de l'Auditori i l'Orquestra is not responsible for the authenticity or the price or the conditions of sale of tickets marketed outside its official channels.
- The activity information in the sales system is indicative. The buyer accepts the conditions of the locality at the time of making the purchase.
- For organizational, technical and production reasons, the audience may be relocated to locations in other areas of the same or higher category.



Right of admission
The Consorci del Auditori i l'Orquestra reserves the right of admission. The Consorci del Auditori i l'Orquestra makes available to the public on request the official complaint, claim and denunciation sheets for any complaint and/or comment.

Access to the premises
Punctuality is requested.
In the case of symphony concerts, entry into the hall will not be permitted once the concert has started. Exceptionally, the room manager will indicate the time to access it, which will be during the change of movements and between works.
As for the rest of the concerts, you must follow the instructions of the usher, who will inform you of the possibilities of entering the hall once the concert has started. Usually, and if the artist does not object, the room manager will indicate the appropriate time to access the room, during movement changes or between works.

Inside L’Auditori
- Seat allocation
It is not allowed to occupy a seat without the corresponding ticket, which the room staff can request at any time.
No one is allowed to stand in the hall or in the corridors during the concerts.
No emergency exits can be blocked.

Mobile phones must be disconnected or silenced before entering the room and the light intensity of the screens must be dimmed. It is recommended to avoid the vibration mode and the use of the mobile phone during the concert. It is necessary to disconnect all types of alarms.
Please avoid making noises, such as squealing, during the concerts (a handkerchief reduces the intensity of the sound).

- Recordings and photographs
It is not allowed to photograph, film or record inside the hall during the concerts.

-Objects on the railings
It is not allowed to leave objects in the corridors or on the railings of the whole room. It is also forbidden to pour into it.

-Food and drinks
It is forbidden to enter the room with drinks or food. Drinks will be made exclusively in the areas designated by L'Auditori.

Bulky items such as bags, rucksacks, umbrellas and helmets, among others, must be stored in the cloakroom. For security, all objects may be inspected before being deposited there. It is forbidden to enter with dangerous objects.

With the exception of assistance dogs, it is forbidden to enter L’Auditori with animals.

- Pursuant to Law 28/2005, of December 26, smoking is not permitted throughout L’Auditori.

-External promoters
In events and concerts organized by external promoters, the regulations and conditions expressed by the promoter who organized them must be consulted.

- In cases where the ticket has been purchased according to a discount reserved for specific groups, it may be necessary to also show the appropriate accreditation.


·All children under 16 years of age they must be accompanied by an adult
In general, children under the age of 16 can access concerts accompanied by an adult, father/mother, legal guardian or authorized person, who must also purchase their ticket for the concert and accompany the minor(s) throughout moment in L’Auditori, look after their well-being from the moment they enter L’Auditori until they leave, and leave the room with the minor at the end of the concert.

·Children under the age of 5 cannot enter symphony and classical music concerts (except for family and school concerts)
L’Auditori maintains a firm commitment to the dissemination of music among children; for this reason, from its educational service, concerts and activities are programmed within the cycles of family and school concerts especially designed so that children can enjoy music.
In order to guarantee optimal listening conditions, symphony and classical music concerts cannot be accessed by children under the age of 5, and children who interfere with the listening of the concert must leave the room.

·Other recommendations
It is recommended that minors be located in locations that are easily accessible in case they need to leave the room. Likewise, it is also recommended that they do not access the upper floors and that they especially avoid being in the first rows.

Calendar sessions
Sessions del dia

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