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Standing show. Approximate duration: 35 min. Once the show has started, the access to the venue will not be allowed.

Women and Creation: “Part” by Tanit Plana

©Lennart Nilsson. "Birth" 1975


    Part (Labour)


    Tanit Plana, creation and direction
    Candela Capitán, choreographer
    Lluïsa Espigolé, piano
    Adriana Aranda, soprano
    Isabella Gutiérrez, dj
    Candela Capitan, Blackhaine, performers

    Silvia Delagneau, stage space
    Paula González, stage assistant
    Isabella Gutiérrez, sound space
    Marina Giraldos, assistant director
    Raquel García-Tomás, music consultant

    Alalimón Gallery, exhibition space

    Supported by:
    Fabra i Coats
    Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
    Premis Ciutat de Barcelona


Under a commission by the ESCENES programme, she has chosen to combine music and dance to create a montage about birth, about pregnancy and labour which, as noted by US writer Siri Hustvedt in her book Memories of the Future, has been given so little attention by thinkers throughout history.
Women are called to celebrate life, to feel perinatal death, to rebel against obstetric violence and to surrender to the powers of childbirth: the origin of the world. Her accomplices in this journey to the beginning of life are pianist and contemporary music specialist Lluïsa Espigolé, and the radical and groundbreaking dancer and choreographer from Cádiz Candela Capitán, who will be taking part as her first theatrical experience and who promises to make an impression, because she is a particularly powerful artist able to create high-impact images.
Part overflows and expands beyond L’Auditori. During July, you can see the project as a photographic exhibition in the Alalimón Galería gallery on Carrer de Mèxic.

Escenes, the proposed meeting place for artistic disciplines at L’Auditori, offers a fertile ground for creative freedom. Creation and fertility from a female regard, form and perspective will be the discursive thread of an artistic tale inspired by women and creation.

With support from the Generalitat de Catalunya's Department of Culture.

    • 9 and 10 July 2021
  • €18
  • Sala 3 Tete Montoliu
  • Escenes

The artist Tanit Plana, born in Barcelona in 1975, has become known through her photography work, which poses questions relating mainly to family matters and domestic and private spaces. She has received all kinds of awards for her photographic research projects.


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