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Aleix Palau | 14 October 2020

The Barcelona Symphony Band opens the season and showcases the new record label of L'Auditori de Barcelona

Band leader, José R. Pascual-Vilaplana, will conduct a program dedicated to Catalan musical heritage. The brass quartet Tetra Brass Ensemble will play the world premiere of a work by Ximo Tarín. The Band is performing eight programmes during the L'Auditori de Barcelona’s autumn season. The new L'Auditori de Barcelona record label is digital and accessible via the L'Auditori Digital platform.

The Barcelona Symphony Band opens the season and showcases the new record label of L'Auditori de Barcelona

The Barcelona Symphony Band will play for the L'Auditori’s audience once again, on 18 October, in the first concert of the autumn season, which is entitled: Memory and Present under the direction of the lead conductor, José R. Pascual-Vilaplana, the concert will showcase the Barcelona Symphony Band’s new album, which is also the first on the L’Auditori‘s new digital record label.

The label was born from L’Auditori de Barcelona’s firm commitment to digitization and is integrated into L’Auditori Digital (, a platform for video on demand, where, as well as hearing recordings, it is possible to watch, on live streaming and a la carte concerts, from L’Auditori. This type of digitalization allows L'Auditori to provide space for its own, high quality recordings, with a particular focus on the two resident orchestras, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Barcelona Symphony Band, with projects that will form an in-house collection of the best works from our very own musical legacy.

World premieres, musical heritage and season tickets
The Barcelona Symphony Band album,Nascuts a Barcelona (Born in Barcelona), focuses on the figures of two, Barcelona -born composers, Carles Suriñach and Miquel Asins Arbó, who developed highly successful careers and were fully recognised in United States and Valencia, respectively.

The inaugural concert of the Band will feature some of their own works as well as the premiere of Tres al·lusions a l'abisme (Three Allusions to the Abyss), by Ximo Tarín –clarinetist, conductor and composer, from Barcelona – the work will be performed by the brass quartet, Tetra Brass Bcn Ensemble, which is formed from musicians belonging to the Barcelona Symphony Band. Robert Gerhard's Sardanas, considered a milestone in Catalan music, will open the evening with a surprising mix of tradition and avant-garde, a sonorous journey to the most international atmosphere of Barcelona, in 1929. All in all, a concert of Catalan composers who intensely evoke the collective memory and the common present

During the L'Auditori de Barcelona’s autumn season, the Barcelona Symphony Band will perform six programmes that will have a particular focus on Catalan works and soloists. There will be an opportunity to see the soprano, Maria Hinojosa and the pianist Ignasi Cambra, as well as hear compositions by Salvador Brotons, the aforementioned premiere of Ximo Tarín and the commissioned work to Marc Flores, made in collaboration with the ESMUC.

Of note is the concert by the group MAP, whose members are: Marco Mezquida, Ernesto Aurignac and Ramon Prats, this concert is a journey to unexpected places. Along with the Barcelona Symphony Band, MAP will show us how listening is a powerful tool, which enables music to grow.

The Family and School concerts also return with the show Banda Ampla, with music by Joan Albert Amargós and stage direction by Jordi Oriol and Martí Torras Mayneris. This is the first Young Person’s Guide to the Band, a piece to discover all the colours and sounds of this musical group.

Regarding season tickets, the Barcelona Symphony Band has put some autumn season tickets on sale that allow you to choose a minimum of four concerts at a 20% discount. Subscribers will be able to choose the seat that they like best and will be given the opportunity to choose different seats for each of the programmes.
Listen to the Barcelona Symphony Band album here

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