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Rafael de Utrera will replace Pedro El Granaíno, who has had to cancel his participation in this concert due to aphonia.

Suite de la Isla

Ciutat Flamenco (Flamenco City)‎


    Joan Albert Amargós, conductor
    David Leiva, assistant conductor, show designer and flamenco guitarist
    Joan Torrentó, arrangements and orchestral conductor
    Joan Antoni Pich, orchestral conductor
    Carlos Rojo, arrangements
    Neus Flores, presenter
    Rafael de Utrera, cante
    Ana Lorenzo, cante
    Agustín Sánchez, flute
    Júlia Soler, trombone
    Toni Benlloch, trumpet
    Marina Feliu, trumpet
    Marc Urrutia, saxophone
    Aina López, saxophone
    Claudia García, viola
    Zhongjin Ruiz, viola
    Paula Ros, violin
    Maria Sánchez, violin
    Paula del Río, violin
    Ana Fernández, violin
    Helena Gilabert, violin
    Hugo Gracia, violin
    Carmen Pascual, violin
    Elena Rodríguez, violin
    Guiomar Ortiz , violin
    Llorenç Carbó, cello
    Carles Girbau, cello
    Toni Abellán, flamenco guitar
    Pau Domènech, flamenco guitar
    Chano Domínguez, piano
    Miranda Fernández, piano
    Agustín Espín, bass
    David Domínguez, percussion
    Alba Morena, Laia Fandos, Anna Jané, Irene Ribas and Patricia García, choirs


Suite de la Isla is a concert that pays tribute to the brilliant flamenco ‎singer José Monje Cruz ‘Camarón’ on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his ‎death.‎
Joan Albert Amargós will be in charge of the musical direction with the collaboration of David ‎Leiva, the author of Camarón (Hal Leonard 2009), the first book containing transcriptions of ‎the artist’s music. Amargós worked alongside Camarón, orchestrating some of the ‎‎flamenco singer’s most emblematic creations. All this guarantees a musical ‎journey filled with emotions and unique, incomparable, richly woven sounds. ‎
The composition department of the Taller de Músics Escola Superior d’Estudis Musicals ‎‎(ESEM) and ESMUC will be responsible for the arrangements and orchestration for big band, ‎string quartet and choruses, under the supervision of musician Santi Galán and the show’s ‎musical director. More specifically, two highly experienced musicians from the composition ‎department of both schools, Joan Torrentó and Carlos Rojo, will be entrusted with the said ‎task, using David Leiva’s transcriptions and formal structure for the works. Because music ‎evolves and it is a product of its time, at this Suite, the audience will be ‎presented with innovative new arrangements, with a refreshing, totally new air.‎
The concert will feature guest artists as prestigious as Chano Domínguez, in addition to one of ‎today’s finest flamenco singers, Pedro el Granaíno.‎
In this co-production by Taller de Músics, ESMUC and L’Auditori have joined forces for the ‎third year running to present a highly original show with the participation of students and ‎teachers from both schools, thus maintaining the three institutions’ close collaborative links.

    • 28 May 2022
  • €15
  • Hall 2 Oriol Martorell
  • Sessions

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