Aleix Palau | 19 November 2019

Robert Forster comes to L’Auditori to perform his latest album

The musician will perform on 20 November in Hall 3 Tete Montoliu as part of the Sit Back ‎season.‎

Robert Forster, the singer and guitarist of the iconic Australian band The Go-‎Betweens, takes to the stage in L’Auditori’s Hall 3 Tete Montoliu ‎to perform his seventh solo album, Inferno.‎

Forster only starts recording when he knows that his songs are perfect. This is his ‎first album in four years and the second in eleven. It was created in Berlin in the ‎summer of 2018, Germany’s hottest in decades, and produced by the renowned Victor Van ‎Vugt (creator of Beth Orton’s Trailer Park and PJ Harvey’s Stories From The ‎City, Stories From The Sea), who also recorded his debut album back in 1990.‎

Following the release of Inferno, Robert Forster is embarking on a worldwide ‎promotion tour which will include performing in L’Auditori’s Sit Back programme ‎with the collaboration of L’Afluent.‎

An unmissable chance to see a musician who made one of the most significant ‎contributions to the foundations of what would in the 1980s become known as indie-pop ‎‎.‎

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