Lisi Andrés | 26 July 2018

The OBC will be performing at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, with pianist Haanes ‎Minnaar and conductor Jan Willem de Vriend

The Orchestra returns to one of the world’s most prestigious concert halls to take part in the ‎Robeco SummerNights Season. ‎
Music from the superb ballet Cendrillon by Catalan composer Ferran Sor will act as a link ‎between works by Mozart and Schubert.‎

On 29th July, Barcelona Symphony Orchestra is giving a concert as part of the Robeco ‎SummerNights Season at the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam.‎

Conducted by Jan Willem de Vriend, the OBC’s principal guest conductor, the concert will ‎feature one of today’s top Dutch pianists, Haanes Minnaar, who will be playing “Jenamy”, ‎Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra no. 9. De Vriend and Minnaar ‎are both to visit L'Auditori in November to perform anunusual programme ‎that will once again put this soloist under the spotlight. ‎

The Amsterdam concert will be rounded off by Franz Schubert’s “The Great” symphony and ‎one of the most celebrated works by Barcelona composer Ferran Sor, the ballet Cendrillon, ‎premiered at King’s Theatre in London in 1822, which will act as a bridge between Mozart’s ‎classicism and Schubert’s romanticism. ‎
This is the second time that the OBC is to visit the Concertgebouw, a concert hall where it first ‎played in the summer of 2002 during a farewell tour by its principal conductor at the time, ‎Lawrence Foster.‎
Preparing for the 2019 Japanese tour ‎

The Amsterdam concert is a prelude to the OBC’s 2019 tour of Japan. Next July, the Orchestra ‎will offer several opera concerts and performances covering a wide range of works already ‎performed at L’Auditori during the 2018-2019 season. They include Concert for Orchestra and ‎Guitar no. 2 by Juan Manuel Cañizares, Concert for Two Shamisens by Fabià Santcovsky and ‎The Three-Cornered Hat by Manuel de Falla, in addition to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, ‎which will be performed with local choirs and soloists. ‎

In parallel with these concerts, the OBC will be taking part in opera performances of Turandot ‎by Giacomo Puccini, staged with a strong Catalan feel by Àlex Ollé/La Fura dels Baus and ‎featuring some of the soloists that you will have heard at end-of-season concerts at ‎L’Auditori.‎