Xavier Bobés estrena el nou espectacle ‘Corpus’ al cicle Escenes de L’Auditori

19-Feb-2020 – Aleix Palau

Corpus by Xavier Bobés is an encounter ‎between a sculptural piece, a manipulator of objects and a musician. A whispered scenic ‎dialogue where only 25 people can participate in each performance. The ‎artist proposes an exploration of the movement of a sculptural object in relation to the ‎human body, animals and plants. It is a poetic reflection on objectification that seeks ‎to find a way to interpret, transform and depict it.‎

Corpus is also a journey between a man and his ‎form, an impossible dialogue unravelling the hours of a life, undoing paths trodden, ‎becoming smaller only to disappear again. The objectification of the bond that everyone has ‎with their “object body”, awakening its poetic meaning and studying its possibilities for ‎interpretation, transformation, visual representation and movement.‎

A co-production by L’Auditori de Barcelona and Teatros del Canal in Madrid.‎

With the collaboration of L’Animal a l’Esquena and Azala.‎
With the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya
. ‎

‎* Download the show programme here.‎


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