The Museu de la Música celebrates its 75th anniversary

28-May-2021 – Aleix Palau

The Museu de la Música celebrates the 75th anniversary of its inauguration ‎tomorrow. The historic institution plans to celebrate the occasion with a day full of ‎activities.‎

With organist Juan de la Rubia and bassoonist Josep ‎Borràs, attendees will be able to enjoy, as part of the La Música del ‎Museu cycle, performances on two of the Museum’s most iconic instruments: ‎‎the Hauslaib claviorgan and the Pérez Molero organ.‎

A new edition of Discofòrum will also take place, a musical forum where each participant ‎presents a musical question that generates discussion. Contributions from the whole group ‎make this a new way to listen to music as a community.‎

Finally, there will be a concert by students and teachers from the Escola Superior de Música ‎de Catalunya, as part of the Un cafè amb notes d’Antiga cycle with harpist Mara ‎Galassi as musical director.‎

The Museu de la Música de Barcelona opened on 29 May 1946 in the ‎Conservatori Municipal de Barcelona. The Museum’s first director was cellist and musicologist ‎‎Josep Ricart i ‎Matas, who over the years collected instruments from around the world, ‎through purchases and donations, to build on the original collections of Orsina Baget and ‎Joaquim Folch. ‎

Since then, the collection has continued to grow, through purchases, donations, loans for ‎use, etc. Today it boasts one of the best collections of guitars in the world, twenty ‎psalteries of outstanding quality, unique glass flutes and traditional instruments from five ‎continents. It also contains signed reference documents and personal documents and ‎objects that belonged to musicians and composers such as Granados, Manén, Blanca Selva ‎and Llobet, amongst others. ‎

After a period in the Conservatori del Bruc, the Museum moved to Casa Quadras in 1980, and ‎has been housed in the current building in L’Auditori since 2007.‎


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