L’Auditori launches OFFSTAGE, a new series of audiovisual interviews on L’Auditori Digital

27-Jan-2022 – Aleix Palau

Tomorrow, L’Auditori de Barcelona will broadcast the first instalment of ‎‎OFFSTAGE, a new series of four interviews with the ‎principal composers working with L’Auditori this season. You can listen to the interviews ‎‎for free on L’Auditori Digital.‎

Bernat Vivancos, Joan Magrané, Raquel García-Tomás and Enric Palomar feature in the first ‎four interviews which will be broadcast each Thursday over the next month ‎on L’Auditori Digital.‎

Journalist Anna Guitart will conduct the interviews, uncovering the ‎‎more personal sides and artistic concerns of some of today’s most exciting musical ‎creators. The interviews, which have been filmed in several locations, will reveal ‎‎different aspects of these composers. ‎
‎ ‎
The first instalment features Bernat Vivancos (Barcelona, 1973), this ‎season’s guest composer, with a commissioned work that theBarcelona Symphony ‎Band will premiere next weekend. The interview was recorded in Collsacabra, a ‎natural landscape that Vivancos draws inspiration from. His luminescent music fuses the vocal ‎religious tradition with modern sounds. ‎
‎ ‎
The composer has ‎very close ties to the Escolania de Montserrat. His time at the ‎monastery ‎has made a mark on ‎his career, resulting in the development of a unique ‎and‏ ‏‎unmistakable voice. His works brings together traces of the vocal ‎tradition‏, ‏the search ‎for ‎lively‏, ‏resplendent harmonies, the natural world, the ‎underlying presence of faith ‎and ‎beauty. These are the backbones of a particular musical‏ ‏‎world, powerfully human ‎and ‎gleaming, personal and universal.‎

The 3 February interview, filmed in the Ateneu Barcelonès, features Joan Magrañé, ‎coinciding with the premier of his work with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. On 10 ‎February it is the turn of Enric Palomar, with an interview recorded outside L’Auditori. This ‎first series will close with an interview filmed in El Garraf with composer and National Music ‎Award winner Raquel García-Tomás.‎


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