L\'Auditori Digital: the new online platform from L\'Auditori de Barcelona

29-Oct-2020 – Aleix Palau

L’Auditori de Barcelona has breathed life into L’Auditori Digital (auditoridigital.cat ), a platform that provides access to live streaming and on-demand concerts and where the digital albums recorded by the organisation’s new record label can be enjoyed.

L’Auditori Digital offers a video-on-demand platform, in the style of Filmin or Netflix, through which you can follow the season’s premieres and access the concert catalogue via subscriptions.

It also launches a new digital record label with particular focus on the two resident ensembles: the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Barcelona Symphony Band, with projects aimed at compiling the best works from our country’s musical heritage.

To this end, the concerts from the autumn season are already being offered though live streaming. More specifically, 26 live productions are planned as part of this first quarter’s programming. Ten of these will be produced in collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull to encourage the international promotion of premieres, composers, artists and performers from the Catalan cultural sphere. The broadcasts are based on meticulous production work that involves extensive knowledge of the scores being played, as well as the way the ensembles are arranged on the stage. This work is coordinated with the various L’Auditori de Barcelona departments and, in particular, with the house’s score archives. Lighting work has also been carried out to optimise the images. All of this effort gives the audience unprecedented views of everything happening on the stage during the concert, including the perspective of the robotic camera located in front of the conductor in orchestral performances, providing an added experience that complements the concert itself. The live streaming sessions have been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Catalunya Música, which allows us to offer high quality sound.

After offering free streaming for the opening project of the season -the Barcelona String Quartet Biennale- and the first Barcelona Symphony Orchestra concerts, the platform has now activated paid subscriptions. Until 15 December, anyone who wants to can pay just €1 for the first month’s subscription and get unlimited access to all the platform’s content. At the end of the promotion, the monthly subscription will be priced at €7.90. Single concerts are also available for €3.90, either streamed live or selected from the online catalogue.

To take advantage of the many possibilities offered by this online content, the booklets for concerts at L’Auditori de Barcelona will soon be available in a free online version. This will allow users to check the texts of the programmes as well as content such as concert playlists. In this way, L’Auditori de Barcelona is taking another step forward towards reducing the use of paper and gradually implementing eco-friendly and sustainable formats.

Activities falling within L’Auditori de Barcelona’s Educational Project, dedicated to musical education and dissemination, will also be included on the platform through free content. In this quarter, for example, four pre-concert talks in interview format will be broadcast half an hour before the streamed event, allowing us to meet, first-hand, the stars of the performances. Work is also being undertaken to provide tutorials linked to family and school concerts that will enable families to study the repertoire of these concerts at home.

L’Auditori Digital is part of L’Auditori de Barcelona’s new communication strategy, which was initiated recently and accelerated as a result of the current pandemic. It is a firm commitment to the digital environment, guaranteeing accessibility for a wider range of audiences, avoiding physical barriers and ensuring more fluid communication, especially with younger generations, by taking advantage of all the new technological tools available. The platform is part of the project to improve access to cultural venues through ICT, which is funded by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), through the OP ERDF call as well as the investment plan of Barcelona City Council.


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