L’Auditori de Barcelona restricts public access until 23 November

16-Nov-2020 – Aleix Palau

Due to Resolution SLT/2875/2020 of 12 November by the Regional Government of Catalonia’s Ministry for Health, under which public health measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic have been extended for another ten days, L’Auditori de Barcelona has been forced to cancel concerts until 23 November. The scheduled concerts will therefore be streamed live, without an audience, on L’Auditori Digital.

This week, on L’Auditori Digital, you can enjoy the live streamed In Seven Days programme, performed by theBarcelona Symphony Orchestra (20 November) , and the MAP Mezquida-Aurignac-Prats programme, with the Barcelona Symphony Band as part of the Sessions (21 November).

In forthcoming weeks, live performances available will include Ramifications, a concert performed by the OBC (27 November); Le matin by the Barcelona Symphony Band (29 November); and the family concert The OBC Dances Ravel (5 December).

L’Auditori Digital for just €1
Following the initial weeks of its creation, over 1,600 people from five continents subscribed to L’Auditori Digital. This figure highlights theinternational interest that this platform–the first of its kind in Spain–has aroused.

In addition to Spanish subscribers, L’Auditori Digital has also been joined by significant numbers of people from France, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia, among others, and its followers continue to grow.

To make the platform more accessible and extend its coverage, during this initial stage, L’Auditori de Barcelona has decided to extend the special subscription offer of paying just €1 for the first month through to 15 December, with unlimited access to everything on the online platform. When the first month’s special offer comes to an end, subscribers will pay a monthly price of €7.90. Alternatively, single concerts can be viewed at a cost of €3.90, whether they are streamed live or selected from the online catalogue.


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