L’Auditori i el Primavera Sound porten Jon Hopkins a Barcelona

04-Mar-2021 – Aleix Palau

Jon Hopkins has based his entire musical career on contrast, polarisation, ‎the destructive storm and the healing calm. Whether it is through his five studio albums (the ‎latest, the acclaimed Singularity, released in 2018), his soundtracks (with ‎‎Monsters from 2010 being particularly acclaimed), the rara avis like ‎his cult album with King Creosote (Diamond Mine), or his latest forays into ‎meditation music (the 20-minute Meditations, released last year), the British ‎artist and producer is a true alchemist of organic electronica. Capable of venturing into martial, ‎suffocating techno landscapes, yet within a few moments moving through to a realm of ‎ambient contemplation, his radically contrasting approach does not divide, but is rather ‎understood as a whole: the outbursts would be distressing if they were not followed by ‎these peaceful havens… and vice-versa.‎

True to his essence, Jon Hopkins’ Polarity tour is a unique opportunity to see both sides of ‎the artist for the first time in a single performance. “The two disparate elements of ‎harsh and fragile” in his music, in Hopkins’ own words, featuring the combination of a ‎grand piano and his usual analogue machinery, with musicians including Leo Abrahams ‎‎(guitarist), Emma Smith (violinist), and Daisy Vatalaro (cellist) joining him on stage this time ‎around.‎

The tour, which kicked off in early 2020, had to be postponed due to the circumstances of ‎which we are all too aware, and will not be able to resume until the end of this year, but this ‎time a Spanish date has been added: at L’Auditori de Barcelona, which is co-‎producing the concert, on Thursday 18 November, 2021. Rounding off the night will ‎be an extra special guest: Hayden Thorpe , lead singer of the much-‎missed Wild Beasts, already comfortable in his solo career thanks to the album ‎‎Diviner (2019) and the EP Aerial Songs (2020), which graphically ‎defines his music. The perfect complement, in short, a night of polarising music … in the best ‎sense of the word.‎


Tickets are already on sale on L’Auditori de Barcelona’s website from €33 to €52 (plus ‎booking fee).


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