Informació d’afectacions a la programació per la vaga del Dia Internacional de les Dones

28-Feb-2020 – Aleix Palau

The concert by the Capella Reial Youth Choir of Catalonia, scheduled for 8 ‎March at 7 pm, will take place on Saturday, 7 March at 8 pm and will mark ‎the start of the Festival Emergents Barcelona. The Pre-concert ‎talk for this concert will take place at 7 pm in L’Auditori’s Sala 2 Oriol Martorell. As ‎the General Strike called for 8 March makes it impossible to guarantee that the concert will ‎run smoothly, L’Auditori has agreed this new date with the artists. All tickets purchased for 8 ‎March are valid for this rescheduled date. ‎

Catalanesques, the concert by the Barcelona ‎Symphony Band, will still take place on Sunday at 11.30 am, but there may be some ‎disruption if the staff needed to help run it are not available.‎

The Sunday sessions of the Pica-So workshop for families have been ‎cancelled and audiences have been reassigned to other dates. ‎

Meanwhile, at the Museu de la Música, the interactive tour at 11 am and the ‎‎Músics a tocar activity at 5.30 pm have been cancelled. The concert by Laura ‎Martínez Boj and Belisana Ruiz, that was to take place at 12 midday has been ‎‎postponed until Sunday 22 March at the same time.‎


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