La directora Tabita Berglund debuta amb l’OBC dirigint ‘Tabula Rasa’ d’Arvo Pärt

12-Nov-2020 – Aleix Palau

Tomorrow, Friday, will see L’Auditori de Barcelona continuing its live concerts on L’Auditori Digital with the Norwegian Tabita Berglund, one of the most promising young Scandinavian conductors making her debut at the helm of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.

The performance will begin at 7 pm with one of the major works by the composer Arvo Pärt, Tabula Rasa for two violins, prepared piano and string orchestra. The work will feature a cast of world-class soloists, including the violinists Vera Martínez Mehner and Abel Tomás, members of the Cuarteto Casals, and the pianist Lluïsa Espigolé. The programme will be rounded off by the final symphony by Jean Sibelius, No. 7, in which the composer delivers a masterly synthesis of his compositional style.

Tabula Rasa by Pärt and Symphony No.7 by Sibelius
The music of Arvo Pärt responds to his existential need to break with the limits imposed both by Soviet officialdom and the legacy of the avant-garde. Since the 1970s, and from his studies of classical polyphony and the asceticism of the orthodox church, the author has regarded music as the emergence of a lost resonance. The reference to the echoing of the bells -tintinnabuli- invites us into a meditative experience, beyond the passage of time, allowing us to contemplate the germination of a primordial beauty. Tabula Rasa, with the same template as Concerto Grosso by Alfred Schnittke and dedicated to the violinist Gidon Kremer, is one of the keys to understanding the second half of the 20th century.
Jean Sibelius composed the last of his symphonies by masterfully synthesising the formal approaches developed throughout his catalogue of compositions. Presented as a single, relatively short movement, it is structured into four sections arranged symmetrically and traversed by varying gradations of tempo. The symphony draws on materials that the composer had accumulated for the unfinished symphonic poem Kuutar, based on Kalevala, the epic Finnish poem. Composed in 1924, Sibelius’s Symphony No.7 can be regarded as an epilogue to the late Romantic symphonic tradition.

L’Auditori Digital is a hit
In its first weeks of life, L’Auditori Digital has already gained more than 1,600 subscribers from across five continents. A figure that highlights the international interest aroused by this unprecedented platform in Spain.

In addition to Spain, L’Auditori Digital has a large number of subscribers from France, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia, among others, and it is growing steadily.

To make it more accessible and expand the outreach in this initial stage, L’Auditori de Barcelona has decided to extend the special subscription offer of paying just €1 for L’Auditori Digital for the first month until 15 December, with unlimited access to everything on the online platform. At the end of the promotion, the monthly subscription will be priced at €7.90. Alternatively, single concerts are also available for €3.90, either streamed live or selected from its online catalogue.

Upcoming live streamed concerts on L’Auditori Digital:

Barcelona Symphony Orchestra: Tabula Rasa. Friday, 13 November, 7 pm.
Barcelona Symphony Band: Immortal Ausiàs March. Friday, 14 November, 6 pm.


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