La Banda Municipal, l’OBC i el Museu de la Música se sumen a les festes de la Mercè 2020

10-Sep-2020 – Aleix Palau

The La Mercè festivities are back, and take the form of a giant showcase for local music and ‎talent. The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Barcelona ‎Symphonic Band will of course be there, keeping their traditional appointment with ‎the city. ‎

Once again this year, the two ensembles will take to the stage in the Nou Barris ‎district’s Plaça Major. The Band will perform on Wednesday, 23 ‎September; and the OBC’s turn will be on Saturday, 26 ‎September.‎

The Band will take you on a journey through both Catalan and world composers led by the ‎ensemble’s principal conductor, José R. Pascual-Vilaplana. Works by ‎Gershwin and Cesarini will be performed alongside pieces by Pep Ventura and Enric Casals, ‎among others.‎

As for the OBC, Kazushi Ono will conduct a programme with a strong ‎Catalan presence and featuring music by two of our greatest composers: Ferran Sor and ‎Carles Baguer. The programme will be completed by Beethoven’s Sixth ‎Symphony. ‎

Unlike other years, tickets for this edition will be limited and must be booked in ‎advance through the La Mercè ‎website. ‎

Barcelona’s Museu de la Música will also take part in the city’s Festa Major ‎‎[annual festival] with an open day on Thursday, 24 September, providing a ‎rare opportunity to enjoy one of the best collections of musical instruments on the continent. ‎

L’Auditori de Barcelona is offering 15% off tickets for the autumn programme until ‎‎24 September.‎


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