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Aleix Palau | 27 January 2020

Mezzo-soprano Klaudia Tandl replaces soprano Katharina Konradi in the next recital of ‎Schubert Lied

The concert, with Eric Schneider at the piano, will be on 29 January in L'Auditori’s Sala 2 Oriol ‎Martorell.‎

Mezzo-soprano Klaudia Tandl replaces soprano Katharina Konradi in the next recital of ‎Schubert Lied

Next Wednesday, the Austrian mezzo-soprano Klaudia Tandl will sing ‎‎Schubert Lied at L'Auditori, replacing soprano Katharina Konradi, ‎who has had to cancel her appearance in this concert owing to illness. Tandl will be ‎‎accompanied on the piano by Eric Schneider, as was originally ‎programmed. ‎

Klaudia Tandl completed her studies in singing at the Kunstuniversität in Graz in 2019. She is ‎passionate about song and together with pianist Gisela Jöbstl won the prestigious Hugo-‎Wolf-Akademie International Art Song Competition in Stuttgart and the International ‎Schubert Competition in Dortmund. ‎

Her interest in contemporary music led her to release her first recording of the Farben ‎des Mohns (Colours of the Poppy) cycle in 2018 with its composer Christoph Renhart, ‎and to collaborate with groups such as the Ensemble Plus from Vorarlberg and the Ensemble ‎Kontrapunkte from Vienna, with whom she debuted at the Musikverein in Vienna in April ‎‎2019, conducted by Peter Keuschnig and with whom she will once again collaborate in the ‎coming season. Within the world of opera, she has performed, amongst others, the role of ‎Annio (La Clemenza di Tito).‎

Schubert Lied at L'Auditori
This year, L’Auditori brings to an end its dedicated focus on Franz Schubert's Lieder, which ‎began in the 2017-2018 season, one of the most extensive bodies of songs and of the finest ‎quality from the Classical-Romantic repertoire.‎

Schubert’s music has been a wonderful excuse to discover some of the voices of young ‎Spanish and international talents who represent the future of the genre. Schubert Lied is ‎organised by L’Auditori de Barcelona in co-production with the Associació Franz Schubert and ‎the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical.‎

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