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This concert’s sessions will be informal and inclusive.
The norms relating to noise and movement in the hall are more relaxed than usual and there may also be slight adjustments in the lighting, sound, etc. to increase the levels of comfort and well-being for all kinds of public. These types of sessions are aimed at individuals and families who prefer or enjoy a more casual atmosphere, thereby reducing anxiety levels and making the whole experience better for everyone (families with children, people with Alzheimer’s, people with autism, etc.).

Apropa't a la música popular


    Pep Ventura: Per tu ploro, sardana (1872) 4’
    Joaquim Serra i Corominas: Cavalleresca, sardana (1947) 5’
    Joaquim Serra i Corominas: La fira, esbós simfònic (1928) 8’
    Eduard Toldrà: Sol ixent, sardana (1922) 4’
    Joan Lamote de Grignon: Scherzo sobre un tema popular catalán (1897/1915) 7’
    Juli Garreta: Juny, sardana (1921) 5’
    Eduard Toldrà: Empúries. Sardana lliure (1926) 7’
    Manel Saderra i Puigferrer: Somni. Sardana (1945) 5’


    Barcelona Symphony Band

    Carlos Ramón, conductor
    Els Pirates, theater company


The programme for this concert revolves around this idea, with works that include popular songs easily recognisable to the audience. The Barcelona Symphony Band will also play classic sardanas.

    • 17 and 18 February 2022
  • €6
  • Hall 2 Oriol Martorell
  • La Banda ens Apropa

Nothing is more moving than the music that is the soundtrack to our lives. Memory is a mechanism intrinsically linked to musical experiences and their strong emotional influence. A sardana heard in the square, a pasadoble sung by our grandparents, or a popular Catalan song learnt at a tender age all stir the heartstrings, transporting us to other times and other places.

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