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Aleix Palau | 25 February 2021

ZA! brings its most ambitious project to L’Auditori de Barcelona

The show ZA! & la TransMegaCobla brings together ZA!, MegaCobla and Tarta Relena on a journey between psychedelic and folk music.
Tomorrow at 8 pm in Hall 3, Tete Montoliu, and streamed live on L’Auditori Digital.

ZA! brings its most ambitious project to L’Auditori de Barcelona

After 15 years and more than 700 concerts across five continents, ZA! is preparing its most ambitious event, ZA! & la TransMegaCobla. It is available to watch tomorrow, Friday, 26 February at 8 pm in Hall 3, Tete Montoliu at L’Auditori de Barcelona, or live via L’Auditori Digital.

The new ensemble is composed of MegaCobla, a traditional cobla wind quartet created with ZA! following a workshop in 2018 that combines experience and experimentation in equal measures, and Tarta Relena, a young trans-folk duo that has shaken the Catalan scene this past year.

The two ensembles will join the multi-instrumentalism of the duo composed of Papa Dupau and Spazzfrica Ehd to provide their own vision of Mediterranean music portrayed through a distorting filter (extremely up to date in terms of cognitive, social and identity matters) and psychedelic music (something that is unavoidable in an increasingly accelerated and saturated reality). A retro-futuristic journey from folk to free jazz, exploring the Mediterranean shores.

ZA! is the duo formed by Papa Dupau and Spazzfrica Ehd, European leaders of self-publishing, experimental music and the community culture. Based on the premise that avant-garde art is not incompatible with collective creation, ZAs! have no qualms mixing cultured, underground and popular music styles.

MegaCobla is a traditional cobla wind quartet created following a workshop with ZA! at the Fira Mediterrània in 2018. Pep Moliner (cornet), Jordi Casas (tible), Xavi Molina (tenora) and Xavi Torrent (flabiol) are four of Catalonia’s most highly regarded and ground-breaking cobla musicians.

Tarta Relena is a young a cappella trans-folk duo formed by Helena Ros and Marta Torrella. They are masters of polyphony and the Mediterranean folk music repertoire, breathing new life into it and making it relevant for the 21st century.


Papa Dupau: guitar, trumpet, vocals, effects
Spazzfrica Ehd: drums, clarinet, vocals, effects
Helena Ros (Tarta Relena): vocals and effects
Marta Torrella (Tarta Relena): vocals and effects
Pep Moliner: cornet
Xavi Molina: tenora
Jordi Casas: tible
Xavi Torrent: flabiol

Idea and composition: ZA!
Costumes and art: PEDRA
Production: ZA! & La Marfà

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