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About Us

L’Auditori de Barcelona, founded in March 1999, is Barcelona's most recently created music venue and the home of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra , the Barcelona Symphony Bandand theMuseu de la Música. L’Auditori is a national institution which aims to bring Catalonia and Barcelona worldwide recognition through its ongoing, inclusive musical activities. These include an extensive social programme with an educational service aimed at audiences of all types, helping to make culture accessible to all under the leadership of the Apropa Cultura programme.

Since December 2007, l’Auditori has been part of the European Concert Hall Organization (ECHO), the most prestigious association of auditoriums in Europe, and was the first concert hall in Spain to become a member.

The same complex houses the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and the Museu de la Música. L'Auditori is thus a focal point for the dissemination of music in Barcelona and education and research in this field.

L'Auditori is a modern building with premises covering 42,000 square metres. Designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, it was officially opened on 22 March 1999. It is situated at the heart of the new area of urban development in Plaça de les Glòries, where the city's three widest and longest avenues (Diagonal, Gran Via and Meridiana) converge. It is near the city's historic centre, the Eixample, the Teatre Nacional, the Glòries complex, the point where Diagonal reaches the sea, district 22 and the Forum area.

About us

  • General management

    Director: Robert Brufau i Segués
    Manager: Isabel Balliu i Badia
    General manager assistant and responsible for protocol Ariadna Colom Maldonado 932 479 300 ext. 308

  • Legal, Finance and Human Resources Division

  • Legal Services Department:
    Head of Legal Services: Cristina Garcia Martínez 932 479 300 ext. 318

    Financial Services Department:
    Head of Finance: Sílvia Buil Plana 932 479 300 ext. 338

    Human Resources Department
    Head of Human Resources: Raul Sanz Toral 932 479 300 ext. 467

    Archives and General Documentation Department
    Responsible for Archives and Documentation: Clara Fort Pujol 932 479 300 ext. 323

  • Technical and Maintenance Division

  • Technical Department:
    Head of Scenic Department: Konstanze Müller 932 479 300 ext. 348

    Infrastructure, Maintenance and ICT Department
    Head of Infrastructure, Maintenance and ICT: Roberto Garcia Cabezas 932 479 300 ext. 379

  • Communication and Audiences Division

  • Marketing and Communication Department
    Head of Communication: Lisi Andrés Palacios 932 479 300 ext. 358

    Press Unit
    Press Chief: Aleix Palau Talavera 932 479 300 ext. 363

    Spaces and Promotors Unit
    Spaces and Promotors Coordinator: Mireia Jardí Soler
    932 479 300 ext. 334

    Sales and Customer Services Unit
    Head of Sales and Customer Services: Montse Garcia López 932 479 300 ext. 335

  • Sponsorship and Commercial Division

  • Head of Tourism and Sponsorship: M. Teresa Sánchez Herrera 932 479 300 ext. 326

  • Programming Division

  • Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC)
    Technical Director: Joan Cortés i Massana 932 479 300 ext. 350

    Barcelona Symphony Band
    Technical Director: Joan Xicola González 932 479 300 ext. 462

    Programming and Artistic Production
    Head of Programming: Verònica Rodríguez Brassó 932 479 300 ext. 470

    Educational Project
    Responsible for Educational Project: Marta del Olmo Virgili 932 479 300 ext. 368

    Auditori Apropa - Apropa Cultura
    Head of Auditori Apropa and Director of Apropa Cultura: Sònia Gainza Bernal 932 479 300 ext. 468

  • Heritage DivisionMuseu de la Música
    Director Museu de la Música and Centre Robert Gerhard: Jordi Alomar Payeras 932 563 652

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