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The joy of making music together

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    The best-known waltzes and polkas of Johann Strauss, Catalan and international Christmas ‎carols, and more!‎


    With the voices of: Alba Morena, Laura Simó, Carme Canela, Mone Teruel and Pepe Llorens.‎


Vozes has received many awards in recognition of its musical, social and educational work, ‎including:‎
‎“Recognised as an example of good practice by the European Commission”‎
‎“Recognised as an example of good practice by the Government of Catalonia”‎
‎"Federico Mayor Zaragoza UNESCO Award"‎
‎"City of Barcelona Medal of Honour"‎
‎“2018 Pere Casaldàliga Award”‎
‎"2019 Altaveu Award".‎

Supporting the work of Vozes underpins the sustainable and ongoing social change ‎that is so needed in today's world.‎
Vozes: "A project that changes lives"

    • 28 December 2021
  • From €10 to €30
  • Hall 1 Pau Casals
  • Other concerts

The Vozes project, founded in 2004, uses music as a tool for fostering inclusion, integration ‎and social cohesion. It achieves this by organising free music activities for people who, for ‎various reasons, do not have access to cultural activities and are at risk of social exclusion, ‎including children, young people, disadvantaged families, disabled and elderly people, etc. ‎The Vozes family today brings together 700 children and adults who experience the joy of ‎making music together. Economic, social and environmental problems are not the only issues ‎facing the world today. Creativity, knowledge, diversity and beauty are also vital aspects of ‎the search for peace and progress, intrinsically tied to human development and freedom. ‎Vozes organises choirs, orchestras, guitar, percussion and keyboard groups, urban and ‎modern music bands, giving children and young people the opportunity to perform on a ‎range of stages, allowing their work to be recognised and appreciated. All these groups have ‎worked to develop a musical repertoire that helps foster a love for music in all involved, an ‎infectious feeling that touches every audience. The Vozes Orchestras (Amadeus, Beethoven ‎and Corelli), which together form the "Orquestra Simfònica Vozes", are a fine example of the ‎transformational power of music.‎

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