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Aleix Palau | 14 May 2021

Ullsclucs, L’Auditori’s new Educational Project show, revives and revisits traditional Catalan music

With musical direction by Arnau Obiols, who is also responsible for the arrangements, and ‎stage management by Sònia Gómez, the show revives the legacy of the Cançoner Popular de ‎Catalunya. ‎
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 in Hall 2, Oriol Martorell and livestreamed on Saturday at 5 pm via ‎L'Auditori Digital.‎
A joint production with Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, with the support of the Government ‎of Catalonia’s Ministry of Culture.‎

Ullsclucs, L’Auditori’s new Educational Project show, revives and revisits traditional Catalan music

L’Auditori de Barcelona presents the new show from its Educational Project, ‎‎Ullsclucs, which revives traditional music from a contemporary ‎viewpoint. School audiences have already enjoyed the show during the week and this ‎weekend it’s the turn of families in three sessions on Saturday 15 at 12 noon and 5 pm and on ‎Sunday 16 at 12 noon. The Sunday session will be livestreamed via L'Auditori Digital. ‎

Designed for children aged 2 and over, it is not just a show but is part of a ‎‎comprehensive educational project which, as well as live performances at L’Auditori, ‎includes training for teachers, training for families and teaching material, which is also ‎available via L’Auditori Digital. The songs are also recorded and the recordings are ‎available free of charge from L’Auditori Digital. ‎

Arnau Obiols has chosen and arranged the music for Ullsclucs, and is also ‎the show’s musical director. It is based on the legacy of L’Obra del Cançoner Popular ‎de Catalunya, an institution that compiled Catalan traditional music from the early 1920s to ‎the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.‎

The performance is presented as a stroll. Listeners are invited to close their eyes and listen to ‎the sounds around them, sounds that form the music in this repertoire. The sound bites also ‎include a series of outdoor recordings, such as walking through woodland, leaves, birdsong, ‎the sound of the sea and cattle at pasture.‎

In order to make the language of this music more accessible to today’s audiences, the ‎arrangements and instrumentation combine traditional elements with ‎contemporary effects such as synthesisers. ‎

Stage management is by Sònia Gómez and Uniqlo has kindly assisted with the ‎costumes used. The show will be presented again as part of the Fira ‎Mediterrània de Manresa, joint producers of the concert, in autumn 2021.‎

Download images of the show here.‎


Music selection and conducting: Arnau Obiols‎
Stage direction: Sònia Gòmez‎
Educational consultant: Anna Farrés

Carles Belda, diatonic accordion, guitar, percussion* and vocals
Alba Careta, trumpet, percussion* and vocals‎
Juliane Heinemann, guitar, synthesisers, percussion* and vocals
Arnau Obiols, drums, percussion*, synthesiser, rebec and vocals
Pep Pascual, musical saw, coyok, conches, whistles, percussion*, toys and ‎vocals
Manu Sabaté, baritone sax, clarinets, tenora, flabiol, percussion* and ‎vocals

‎* adufe, tambourine, split reed, anisette bottle, trico-traco, tabal drum, sleigh bells and clogs.‎

Illustrations of the show are by Inge Nouws.

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