• 24, 25 and 26 May 2019
  • 10€/33€/43€/58€
  • Hall 1 Pau Casals
  • OBC Season


Due to reasons not related to L’Auditori, Elena Pankratova will sing the role of Turandot replacing Rebeka Lokar on Saturday May 26

Photo of Jennifer Wilson


Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (OBC)
Jennifer Wilson, soprano (24 and 26/05)
| Elena Pankratova, soprano (25/05) |
Calaf, Simon O’Neill, tenor (24 and 26/05)
| Mikhail Vekua, tenor (25/05) | Liu,
Carmen Solis, soprano (24, 25, 26/05)
| Timur, Ruben Amoretti, bass (24,
25, 26/05) | Emperor Altoum, Joan
, tenor (24, 25, 26/05) | Ping,
Carlos Daza, baritone (24, 25, 26/05) |
Pang, Jordi Casanova, tenor (24, 25,
26/05) | Pong, Benat Egiarte, tenor
(24, 25, 26/05) | Mandarin, Marc Pujol,
(24, 25, 26/05) | Prince of Persia, Ricard Sabata
Beatriz Fernández, directora de la banda interna
Cor Madrigal
Polifonica de Puig-Reig

VEUS-Cor infantil Amics de la Unió


Puccini: Turandot, concert version

Princess Turandot is cold as ice and will not hear so much as a word about love. She has lost the challenge she set the Prince of Tartar, but she still has a chance of avoiding falling into his arms: she orders the inhabitants of Old Peking to remain awake until they discover the name of the prince.



If you have children and you like music, this is your chance! (For children 4 to 11 years).


But Calaf knows he will win, and sings the most famous aria in the history of opera, ending with the epic cry of “All’alba vincerò!” As a season finale, and before traveling to Japan, we can see what was Puccini's last opera in concert version And is that in July 2019, Kazushi Ono will lead the Orchestra in Japan for a month offering a range of programs that before, will have been seen in L'Auditori: Turandot, Falla's Three-cornered hat and the work commissioned to Juan Manuel Cañizares, Beethoven's Novena and the work commissioned by Santcovsky, which includes the shamisens, an oriental relative of our guitar or lute.

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