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Aleix Palau | 17 May 2021

TRAM and L’Auditori de Barcelona join forces to disseminate musical cultural

The Barcelona tram company, TRAM, will make advertising space available to L’Auditori de ‎Barcelona to publicise the programme of events for the 2021-2022 season. ‎
Users will also have the chance to win tickets to different concerts through prize draws and ‎competitions. ‎

TRAM and L’Auditori de Barcelona join forces to disseminate musical cultural

TRAM and L’Auditori de Barcelona have signed a one-year collaboration agreement to carry ‎out joint efforts to promote culture and musical events, with the return to normality ‎following the lifting of the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. ‎

The tram company undertakes to make advertising space available so that the performances ‎on the programme of L'Auditori's 2021-2022 season can be publicised, in addition to other ‎free advertising space on its different digital media communications and the potential of joint ‎campaigns for particularly important events. L’Auditori will make tickets to different ‎performances available to TRAM's users and staff members by offering them the ‎opportunity to enter competitions and prize draws. ‎

Through this initiative, both bodies have joined forces to revive the city of Barcelona's ‎cultural activities, particularly in the field of music, after the big hit that the leisure sector has ‎taken as a result of the health restrictions. ‎

The collaboration agreement came into effect last Friday, with its signature at L’Auditori de ‎Barcelona by the managing director of TRAM, Humberto López Vilalta, and the manager of ‎the Consorci L'Auditori i l'Orquestra, Isabel Balliu, at the ‘Double Concerto’ by the Barcelona ‎Symphony Orchestra.‎

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