Subscriptions & groups

L’Auditori has 42,000 square meters and has numerous rooms and spaces designed to make you enjoy unique experiences in a musical environment.

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To enjoy all the shows offered at l’Auditori, a system of subscriptions and benefits has been created to enable everybodys attendance to the concerts and the activities for a small fee, as the main objective of l’Auditori is, above all, bring music to everyone.

One of the most recommended options, in case you want to attend to a variety of shows, is a seasonal subscription, with which you will be able to enjoy many of the proposals that l’Auditori offers such as concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona, Chamber Music and concerts of Early music among others. All those who have a subscription at l'Auditori will also enjoy many benefits such as discounts, the possibility of having a fixed chair in all the events or the attendance to the rehearsals of the orchestra and much more.

L'Auditori also offers seductive advantages for groups interested in music and for music schools and conservatories since, as discussed above, l’Auditori wants to share music and make everyone accessible to it .

If you have a special date or you want to make a gift, l'Auditori offers you its gift card, with which you can surprise and excite that special person. Share the passion for music!

Also there are offers for all those under 35 years who will enjoy very special prices.

Discover the new shows and concerts scheduled for this season and not miss any concert, musical or program designed for families.