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-Consorci de l’Auditori i l’Orquestra reserves the right to make changes to the programme, dates, timetables, schedules and artists, either at the latter’s request or for reasons beyond the Consorci’s control. The price of tickets will only be reimbursed in full if a concert is cancelled.
-Consorci de l’Auditori i l’Orquestra reserves the right to apply sales commissions for management expenses in any sale channels that it may deem appropriate and in connection with reprinting tickets at the L’Auditori ticket offices.
-Purchased tickets may not be exchanged or returned.
-Ticket prices for artistic event seasons at L’Auditori may be higher or lower based on the number of seats still available in the hall.
-Each buyer is responsible for confirming any discounts before completing each purchase, and no subsequent claims for failure to apply a discount will therefore be accepted.
-Discounts are not cumulative.
-Consorci de l’Auditori i l’Orquestra accepts no responsibility for the price, terms of sale or authenticity of tickets sold outside its official channels.
-The information on the event provided in the sales system is for guidance only. The buyer accepts the terms and conditions of the ticket at the time of purchase.
-Due to unavoidable organisational, technical and production reasons, members of the audience may be relocated to seats in other areas of the same or a higher category.


Right of Admission
Consorci de l’Auditori i l’Orquestra reserves the right of admission. Consorci de l’Auditori i l’Orquestra will provide any member of the public that requests it with the official claim, complaint and report form for any comments and/or complaints they may have.

Entry to the Venue
We ask you to be punctual.
In the case of symphony concerts, you will not be permitted to enter the hall after the concert has started. By way of exception, the person in charge of the hall will indicate when you may enter it, which will be between movements and between works.
With regard to other concerts, you must follow the usher’s instructions: he or she will tell you how and when you may enter the hall once the concert has started. Usually and unless the artist objects, the person in charge of the hall will tell you when you may enter, which will be between movements or between works.

Inside L’Auditori

-Seat allocation
You may not take a seat without the corresponding ticket, which the hall staff may ask you to produce at any time.
It is not permitted for anyone to stand either in the hall or in corridors during concerts.
No emergency exits may be blocked.

Mobile phones must be turned off or set to silent mode before you enter the hall, with the screen brightness turned down. We recommend that you avoid setting your phone to vibration mode or using it during the concert. All alarms of any kind must be turned off. You are kindly requested to avoid making noise during concerts, such as coughing (the sound can be muffled with a handkerchief).

-Recordings and photographs
It is forbidden to take photographs or videos or make recordings in the halls during concerts.

-Objects on railings
No items may be placed in corridors or on railings anywhere in the hall. Leaning over the railings is also prohibited.

-Food and drink
No food or drink may be taken into the hall. Food and drink may be consumed only in L’Auditori’s designated areas.

Bulky items such as bags, rucksacks, umbrellas and helmets, among others, must be left in the cloakroom. For security reasons, all items may be inspected before being left in the cloakroom. Dangerous objects may not be brought into L’Auditori.

With the exception of guide dogs, no animals may be taken into L’Auditori.

-Pursuant to Law 28/2005 of 26 December 2005, smoking is not permitted anywhere in L’Auditori.

-External promoters
For concerts and events organised by external promoters, you must check the terms and conditions stipulated by the organising promoter.

-Holders of tickets purchased with a discount reserved for specific groups may also need to show the relevant accreditation.


· All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
In general, children under 16 may attend concerts accompanied by an adult, parent, legal guardian or authorised person, who must also buy a ticket for the concert and accompany the child(ren) within L’Auditori at all times, ensure the well-being of the child(ren) from the moment they enter L’Auditori until they leave, and leave the hall with the child(ren) at the end of the event.

· Children under 5 may not attend symphony or classical music concerts (except for family and school concerts)
L’Auditori is firmly committed to the dissemination of music among children. For this reason, its education service includes concerts and activities as part of the family and school concert seasons specially designed for children to enjoy music.
In order to guarantee the best possible listening conditions, symphony and classical music concerts are not open to children under 5, and any children who interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the concert will have to leave the hall.

· Other recommendations
We recommend that children sit in easily accessible seats in case they need to leave the hall. We also recommend that they do not access the upper floors and, in particular, that they avoid the front rows.

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