A Catalan artist and writer, Perejaume taught himself by reading and re-reading the works of ‎Joan Brossa, J. V. Foix and Jacint Verdaguer, authors who influenced the development of his ‎artistic perspective, and also by observing the popular culture of the Maresme region and the ‎rural world. Combining creations of visual art and literature, his work incorporates painting, ‎sculpture, word, action, video and sound, all questioning the relationship between nature ‎and culture.‎

In 2005, he won the Generalitat de Catalunya’s National Visual Arts Prize for his work ‎‎Els cims pensamenters and, in 2006, the Spanish Ministry of Culture’s National ‎Prize for Visual Arts for his “reformulation of the relationship between art and territory”. ‎Some of his most renowned contributions and exhibitions are the ceiling rosettes of the Gran ‎Teatre del Liceu (1999), the retrospectives Deixar de fer una exposició (MACBA, ‎‎1999) and Ai Perejaume, si veies la munió d’obres que t’envolten, no en faries cap de ‎nova! (La Pedrera, 2011), and his collaboration with the CCCB exhibition The ‎Thinking Machine with the La rel de l’arbre és una roda (2016) video ‎installation. ‎

His books include L’obra i la por (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2007), ‎‎Pagèsiques (Edicions 62, 2011, City of Barcelona Prize and Lletra d’Or Prize, 2012), ‎‎Paraules locals (Tushita Edicions, 2015) and Treure una marededéu a ‎ballar (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2018).‎

L’Auditori commissioned Perejaume to create the image for the 2019-2020 season, which the ‎artist has rendered with his Botànica del so series (Botany of Sound), where the ‎blowing wind makes music with the trees.‎