This Sunday marks the start of the OBC’s series of summer concerts to be broadcast by TV3 ‎and Catalunya Música

06-Jul-2020 – Aleix Palau

The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) is returning to L’Auditori de Barcelona to record six ‎concerts with some of Catalonia’s leading conductors and soloists. The performances will be ‎recorded by Catalunya Música and broadcast on the radio channel’s “OBC d’estiu” ‎programme, presented by Joan Vives, at 11 am every Sunday from 2 August to 6 September. ‎Also during the summer, Catalunya Música will broadcast four Barcelona Symphony Band ‎concerts recorded during the 2018-19 season. The performances will be broadcast at 11 am ‎on Fridays, 10, 17, 24 and 31 July. In addition, this month the Barcelona Symphony Band will ‎record four concerts to be broadcast by Catalunya Música in the autumn. ‎

The OBC, for its part, will launch the programme “Simfonies d’estiu a L’Auditori” on TV3 with ‎four concerts presented by culture journalist Jofre Font. After months of inactivity, the public ‎and the OBC will be reunited from 11 am on Sunday, 12 July. The next concerts on TV3 will be ‎broadcast on Sundays, 19 and 26 July at 11 am, and 2 August 2 at 9.45 am.‎
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These concerts will highlight Catalonia’s musical heritage, with works by composers such as ‎Robert Gerhard, Eduard Toldrà, Joan Manén and Carles Baguer, among others, as well as by ‎current composers Josep Maria Guix and Ramon Humet.‎
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Their work will be supported by pieces by international composers from all eras. From Handel ‎to Mozart, from Tchaikovsky to Copland, from Dvořák to Ligeti, the OBC has clearly chosen a ‎high-quality repertoire that showcases the Orchestra’s vast array of options. In order to ‎ensure musicians’ safety, this will be a reduced version of the OBC, with performers ‎appearing in alternating shifts to avoid prolonged exposure between them. ‎
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The Orchestra will perform under the batons of conductors such as Daniel Espasa, Francesc ‎Prat, Pablo Rus and OBC Concertmaster Vlad Stănculeasa, who will conduct the ensemble for ‎the first time. Furthermore, in the soloist department, the Orchestra will feature artists that ‎are well known in Catalonia, such as the soprano Marta Mathéu and the tenor Marc Sala. ‎
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This agreement has been concluded as part of the Catalan Media Corporation’s (CCMA) ‎mission to promote and disseminate culture and its commitment to ensure the coverage of ‎the region’s major cultural events by working in partnership with institutions engaged in the ‎promotion of culture, creation and innovation.‎

‎*The concert programme can be downloaded here. ‎


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