The Botànica del so (Botany of Sound) series by ‎‎Perejaume and an audiovisual created by the prestigious production ‎company Canada reaffirm the commitment of L’Auditori ‎to forging dialogue between the arts.‎

L’Auditori presented the new image of the 2019-2020 season in an event ‎that took place this morning at [the former garden centre] L’Hivernacle de Sants which ‎brought together the artist Perejaume, representatives from the production company ‎Canada, the composer Pablo Carrascosa, the Frames Percussion quartet and L’Auditori’s ‎director, Robert Brufau.‎

The artist Perejaume was commissioned to create the image for the season, which is entitled ‎‎Botànica del so (Botany of Sound) which plays with the ‎concept of wind blowing through trees and making music. ‎

The collaboration with Perejaume highlights the merit of encouraging dialogue between the ‎arts, and it consolidates L’Auditori’s goal to build a unified and cross-cutting artistic ‎projectthat accommodates all disciplines. ‎

Perejaume has created an image for the season and also one for each of the areas ‎included in L’Auditori’s programme, from the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and ‎the Barcelona Symphony Band to the Chamber Music and Early Music seasons, OBCPops, Jazz ‎Sessions, Escenes and Sampler Sèries.‎

Canada produces the video for the new season

To further advance this dialogue between artistic disciplines and to provide an ‎‎innovative perspective, L’Auditori commissioned the prestigious ‎and multi-award-winning Barcelona production company Canada to make an ‎audiovisual. The company is renowned for its ground-breaking aesthetics and pursuit of new ‎artistic languages. ‎

Directed by Héctor Herce, the video takes Perejaume’s concepts of ‎nature and wind as a starting point and develops a three-minute story that departs from the ‎customary narrative of classical music. ‎

At the forefront of new creation

One of L’Auditori's goals is to establish itself as the voice of the country’s musical ‎modernity, which it is achieving through its commitment to new creation. As an ‎example of this, the season has been presented in L’Hivernacle de Sants, a space close to the ‎concept of the plant nursery and the nature that can be seen in the image devised by ‎Perejaume.‎

The presentation of L’Auditori’s new image also coincides with the release of ‎tickets for the upcoming season.‎