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Aleix Palau | 26 November 2019

The Museu de la Música affirms its quintessential spirit with the campaign ‘Un museu que ‎sona’ (The Sound of a Museum)‎

Four musicians play historical instruments from the museum in this new spot by the ‎institution.‎

In order to publicise its activity and strengthen the position of the Museu de la ‎Música within Barcelona’s rich cultural fabric, the institution has launched the ‎‎Un museu que sona (The Sound of a Museum) campaign, that associates ‎the museum with being a ‘living museum’, a ‘museum where sound can be heard’, where ‎the public can come and listen to concerts and conferences, take part in workshops related ‎to music, or enjoy inspirational themed visits.‎

All this takes place inside an unrivalled setting within the great music ‎complex that it shares with L’Auditori and the ESMUC.‎

The main focus of the campaign is a recorded spot showing four musicians in ‎sequence inside the museum’s display cases, playing instruments that are representative of ‎the range in its collection. The musicians are Pere Nolasc, who plays the horn violin, ‎Isaac Rodríguez on clarinet, Ekaterina Zaytseva on guitar and Cora Vergara on a gamelan ‎instrument, with links to the Barcelona music scene. ‎

Showcasing these musicians inside display cabinets playing Museu de la Música instruments ‎reinforces the message of the museum as an institution where instruments are not ‎only to be viewed as exhibits, but where they can also be used for the purpose for which ‎they were originally created, which enhances the interactive nature of its rooms.‎

The Museu de la Música, an international benchmark
The Museu de la Música in Barcelona is anactive museum, ‎offering a substantial and extensive programme of concerts, conferences, special guided ‎tours and family activities.‎

With a collection of great international significance, the Museu de la Música is unique in that ‎‎several of the instruments in its permanent collection can be played and used in ‎concerts, some being veritable historical gems that transport us back to bygone ‎times and distant cultures through their original sound.‎

The institution has a collection of more than 2,500 instruments, of which ‎‎more than 500 are on display. The institution’s work as a museum is ‎accompanied by an intensive series of conferences and concerts aimed at all ‎audience types.‎

Here, mention should be made of the La Música del Museu. Instruments Originals en ‎Bones Mans cycle (The Music of the Museum. Instruments in Good Hands), with the ‎museum's historical instruments and the season of family concerts.‎