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All the repertoire of this CD-book: Ma, me, mi... Mozart, it is from works of this composer, entertained with new textures. To create them it plays with an instrument of each big family: the wind, the wood, the rope, the percussion, the metal and the voice. And also it is made playing with different styles, rhythms and climates .

Concept and musical direction Eduard Iniesta
Musical Arrangements Eduard Iniesta
Script and pedagogic proposals Núria Gibert
Illustrations Daniel Jimenez
Musical Production Ferran Conangla and Eduard Iniesta
Recording Ferran Conangla
Edition, mixtures and mastering Ferran Conangla
Recording date July 2008
First edition November 2008
Printing: Agpograf
Layout: Noè Fanlo
Linguistic revision: Rosa M. Bartroli

Joan Aguiar: violin, guitar and percussion
Eduard Iniesta: acoustic guitar, mandola, archlute, mandoline, tzouras and baglamás
Pau Doménech: low clarinet
Roman Gottwald : accordion, glockenspiel and rattle
Laura Mejía: voice and percussion
Ivó Oller: flugelhorn and trumpet

1. Gallimathias musicum, KV 32 - No. 5 Pastorelle*
2. The marriage of Fígaro, KV 492 - Non andrai lug, farfallone
3. Die Zufriedenheit, KV 349*
4. Concert piano no. 21, KV 467 - Andante*
5. Sonata piano no. 11, KV 331 - Alla turca+
6. The magical flute, KV 260 - Days bildnis ist bezaubernd schön*
7. The magical flute, KV 260 - Wie stark ist nicht*
8. Variations about the subject Ah, vous dirai-je, maman, KV
265 - The cock Quiquiriquí*
9. Eine kleine nachtmusik, KV 525 - Rondeau (Allegro)*
10. Minuet , KV 2a*
11. Brevis mass in re KV 194 - Agnus Dei*
12. The magical flute, KV 620 - Schnelle FüBe, Mute rascher (The
13. Eine kleine nachtmusik, KV 525 - Romance (Andante)*
14. Deutsche Tanze*
15. Sonata for minor violin in me, KV 304 - Minuet*
16. Divertimento no. 4, KV 439 b - Allegretto*
17. Allegro in gift, KV 9a*
18. Cassation, KV 63 - Andante*
19. Don Giovanni, KV 527 - Deh vieni alla finestra*
20. Komm, Liebe Zither, Komm, KV 351*
21. Concertone for 2 violins and orchestra, KV 190 - Andante grazioso*

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

* Arrangements of Eduard Iniesta

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