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Aleix Palau | 2 February 2021

Los Aurora present their new show at L’Auditori de Barcelona

Friday, 5 February at 8 pm in Hall 2, Oriol Martorell.‎
Los Aurora is the flamenco-jazz band that has been shaking up the national and international ‎music scene since the release of their first album, Aurora (Taller de Músics/Discmedi, 2017).‎

Los Aurora present their new show at L’Auditori de Barcelona

Their bold and personal performance has graced music at venues and festivals worldwide, ‎with various international tours including performances in Canada, Korea, Chile, Russia, Israel, ‎Hungary, Germany and Poland, among others. Like many other artists, the pandemic has ‎forced the band to take a break, which it has used to further develop its artistic project.‎

On Friday, 5 February at 8 pm, Los Aurora will be presenting their new live ‎show in L’Auditori de Barcelona’s Hall 2, Oriol Martorell, giving us a sneak ‎preview of its upcoming second album . The band’s new stage show aims ‎to generate impact through the collective power of all its members, leaving behind the one-‎sided perspective of solo projects. They define their own art as “a poetic journey through the ‎night and day of the human soul that is sailing adrift.” Los Aurora have been working hard on ‎their live repertoire since March 2020, when Spain first went into lockdown. With the ‎addition of its new producer, engineer and sound technician Gerard Porqueres, the band’s ‎creativity has moved towards a more electric and aggressive sound that is closer to ‎rock music. His ground-breaking attitude has helped transform the classical ‎references that are part of Los Aurora’s DNA.‎

This new artistic concept is perfectly complemented by the powerful voice of the young ‎flamenco singer Pere Martínez, Max Villavecchia’s piano, Javi Garrabella’s bass guitar and ‎Joan Carles Marí’s drums. This is all further enhanced by Ángel Guilanyà’s new visual lighting ‎design, which complements José Manuel Álvarez’s consistently formidable dancing. His ‎flamenco dancing combines tradition and modernity based on the palos jondos ‎flamenco forms, such as seguiriya and farruca, with more “rouge” ‎touches in the more experimental parts of the music.‎

The concert, which is co-produced by Taller de Músics and L’Auditori de ‎Barcelona, provides a unique opportunity to see first-hand, before anybody else, ‎the new work of this young band that has successfully made a place for itself in the worlds of ‎flamenco and national and international jazz.‎

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