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Aleix Palau | 15 November 2019

L’Auditori, nominated for the Premis ARC 2019 in the Best Programme category ‎

The winners will be announced on 4 December.‎

L’Auditori has been nominated for the Premis ARC 2019 (2019 ARC ‎Awards), the leading industry awards for live music in Catalonia, in the Best Theatre ‎or Auditorium Programme category. L’Auditori already won in this ‎category in 2015.‎

A total of 58 nominees among this season’s (2019) most outstanding programmes and ‎productions will compete at the 17th edition of the Premis ARC, whose prizes will be ‎announced on Wednesday, 4 December at 8 pm at the old Estrella Damm ‎Factory.‎

These prizes are of particular significance as they are chosen by professionals from the live ‎music industry, including managers, promoters, festival programmers, municipal specialist ‎youth and culture authorities, theatre and auditorium programmers and Catalonia area ‎agents. They also have the support of other players in the industry, such as the Institut ‎Ramon Llull, Catalan Arts, the Acadèmia de la Música Catalana (Academy of Catalan Music) ‎and the Associació de Sales de Concerts de Catalunya (Catalonia Concert Hall Association).‎