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L'Auditori is Accessible

L'Auditori is Accessible

L'Auditori de Barcelona works hard to make culture easier to access for the sectors of society ‎that find this difficult.‎
These are some of the measures we have now adopted to achieve this, and we will keep on ‎working towards this goal.‎

Through the Apropa Cultura social programme, we allocate 2% of the season's ‎seating ‎capacity to social organisations who work with ‎vulnerable groups, including disabled ‎people and those at risk of social exclusion, offering a special rate of €3 per person.‎

We offer discounts on ticket prices for those with legally recognised ‎disabilities, those with children with legally recognised disabilities ‎‎(greater than 33%), the unemployed, single-parent ‎families, registered large families and foster ‎families with accreditation from the Catalan Institute for Fostering and Adoption ‎‎(ICAA).‎
Information on all these discounts can be found here.‎

We have reserved seating for anyone who needs to access L'Auditori de Barcelona in a ‎wheelchair. Just call 932 479 300 when purchasing your tickets.‎

Halls 1 and 2 have a fixed magnetic loop for people with hearing loss. The locations that do not have loop coverage are indicated when you make the purchase. In these locations it is indicated “Sensitive location for people who use hearing aids (0% magnetic loop)”. Room 4 has portable radiofrequency magnetic loops. You can request them from the room staff.

The overall aim of the POCTEFA ARTIS project is to make it easier for groups of ‎people most at risk of exclusion, whether for social or health reasons, to access cultural ‎spaces, facilities and activities.
You can find more information about the POCTEFA ARTIS project at this link.‎

We have set up calm safe areas that enable anyone who needs to do so, ‎to enter and leave the concerts in Hall 1 Pau Casals and Hall 2 Oriol Martorell, always ‎observing the indications of the hall staff.‎
These spaces are for priority use by people with special needs, such as those with autism, ‎Alzheimer's, anxiety, and breastfeeding mothers.

The Barcelona Symphony Band organises weekday morning concerts in collaboration with ‎Apropa Cultura, which are specially designed for adult audiences who are often unable to ‎enjoy the Band's concerts in their regular time slots. To promote the well-being of a variety ‎of different audiences, these concerts within the La Banda ens Apropa season have more ‎relaxed rules about noise and movement inside the concert hall, and there may also be small ‎adjustments to the lighting, sound, etc. These sessions help reduce anxiety levels and make ‎the concert a more enjoyable experience for people living with Alzheimer's disease, autism, ‎cognitive difficulties, etc.‎ +INFO

This is a participatory workshop aimed at organisations who work with people living with ‎Alzheimer's disease, their families and carers, and also groups with learning disabilities, ‎autism spectrum disorder, and those with mental disorders. The activity is organised by ‎Apropa Cultura and is held in collaboration with students from the Escola Superior de Música ‎de Catalunya (ESMUC), who give a live performance. After this, the participants watch a ‎rehearsal of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC), and the experience ends with a ‎musical workshop.‎ +INFO

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

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