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Aleix Palau | 24 February 2021

L'Auditori de Barcelona presents the Spring Season with a new festival and major names from the ‎national and international scenes

L'Auditori de Barcelona presents the final stretch of the 20-21 programme with a Spring ‎Season featuring the biggest names on the international circuit, local stars, great orchestras, ‎the celebration of the Festival Llums d'Antiga, the launch of the Mozart Summer Nights ‎Festival and its commitment to the Escenes cycle.‎

L'Auditori de Barcelona presents the Spring Season with a new festival and major names from the ‎national and international scenes

  • Yuja Wang, Dorothea Röschmann, Ian Bostridge, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, ‎Daniel Hope, Jordi Savall, Andreas Ottensamer and Andrea Marcon are just some of the ‎soloists and guest conductors featuring in the 50 plus concerts that will take place between ‎April and July.

  • The Mozart Summer Nights Festival will celebrate its first edition with three concerts in ‎the city of Barcelona.

  • The Festival Llums d'Antiga is consolidated with five concerts in the Santa Àgata Chapel ‎and the Sant Pau del Camp Monastery.

  • The conductors Marta Gardolińska, Ruth Reinhardt, Anja Bihlmaier, Shi-Yeon Sung and ‎Laurence Equilbey will be wielding the baton at the helm of the Barcelona Symphony ‎Orchestra.

  • L'Auditori will be hosting Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at the hand of Paavo Järvi and ‎the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jonathan Nott.

  • Marina Herlop, Tanit Plana and Alba Pujol headline the Escenes series, which this ‎summer will focus on women and creation



The Spring Season at L'Auditori de Barcelona is particularly noteworthy thanks to a series of ‎‎top-flight symphonic projects. On the one hand, the Barcelona ‎Symphony Orchestra will be performing eight programmes with ‎such outstanding soloists as the violinists Viktoria Mullova and Daniel ‎Hope, the sisters Kristine and Margarita Balanas, the oboist Ramón Ortega ‎Quero and the voices of the soprano Dorothea Röschmann, the tenor Ian ‎Bostridge, the mezzo-soprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera and the contralto Anna ‎Larsson.‎

There will also be five female conductors who are revolutionising the ‎international scene and who will be leading the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra for the first ‎time: Marta Gardolińska, Ruth Reinhardt, Anja Bihlmaier, Shi-Yeon Sung and ‎Laurence Equilbey.‎

From the repertoire, and always centred around the idea of creation, the ‎main theme of the season, we should highlight some genuine masterpieces such as ‎‎Mahler's The Youth's Magic Horn, sung by Bostridge ‎and Röschmann together with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, ‎‎Rendering by Luciano Berio, which is a reconstruction of ‎Schubert's last symphony, Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, by ‎Vaughan Williams, Schoenberg’s Gurre-Lieder sung ‎by Nancy Fabiola Herrera and conducted by Vasily Petrenko, and ‎‎Mendelssohn’s "Reformation” Symphony . Other highlights ‎include the performance of works such as Forty Heartbeats by Kaija ‎Saariaho, Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder, and the ‎‎Violin Concerto by Sibelius. This offering will be ‎complemented by the world premiere of a work by Cassandra Miller, the season's ‎guest composer, and an emphasis on Catalan musical heritage, including ‎participation in two concerts as part of the Robert Gerhard Festival to be ‎held in the Sala Oval at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.‎

Among the great international orchestras that visit L'Auditori de Barcelona ‎each year, it is worth emphasising the Royal Concertgebouw with the extraordinary ‎pianist Yuja Wang and conducted by Paavo Järvi, who will be performing ‎‎Piano Concerto No. 1 by Brahms.. This concert is being co-‎produced with Bcn Clàssics. On the other hand, from ‎‎Ibercàmera comes the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, conducted ‎by Jonathan Nott, who will give us a shining rendition of Mahler’s ‎‎“Tragic” Symphony.‎

The Barcelona Symphony Band will receive a visit from Franco ‎Cesarini, one of the most important composers and conductors on the current ‎scene, to whom the band is dedicating this season's Retrat d’Artista . An ‎exceptional opportunity to enjoy this leading figure in the world of band music, who will also ‎‎conduct the premiere of a work commissioned by L'Auditori de Barcelona. ‎In addition, this Spring Season the Barcelona Symphony Band will be performing the ‎monumental La Création du Monde (The Creation of the World) by ‎Darius Milhaud.‎

One of this season's novelties is the launch of the Mozart Summer Nights ‎Festival. This will be a unique opportunity to explore, hand in hand with the ‎Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, the work of the Salzburg composer and his contemporaries ‎through some of today's most outstanding artists and in three different locations in ‎the city of Barcelona: L'Auditori de Barcelona, Saló del Tinell and the Palau de la Música ‎Catalana.‎

The programme will range from symphony maestros, such as Carles Baguer and ‎Ferran Sor, to Haydn, and the extraordinary romantic composer ‎‎Louise Farrenc at the hand of the conductors Andrea Marcon, ‎Jonathan Coehn and Laurence Equilbey and the soloists Andreas ‎Ottensamer, Albert Cano Smit and Veronika Eberle.‎

The Mozart Summer Nights Festival will comprise four concerts between 30 June ‎and 15 July.

Escenes, the most interdisciplinary proposal from L'Auditori de Barcelona, ‎takes a look at creation and fertility from a female perspective. To do so, it ‎is presenting an artistic story inspired by women and creation and has invited three creative ‎women who, through music, theatre, art and photography, are proposing three shows ‎commissioned by L'Auditori, which can be seen in June and July in a co-production ‎with the Festival Grec.‎

One of these artists is Alba Pujol , actress and stage professional who will ‎investigate the sphere of the poetic, symbolic and metaphorical impulse; combining her oral ‎presentation with different voices connecting music, verse and dramaturgy.‎

The artist and photographer Tanit Plana will lead us in a reflection on ‎childbirth as the inception of all things, as well as the boundary between life and death.‎

The third artist is Marina Herlop, a composer and pianist fascinated by the ‎agitation music provokes in the soul. She intends to assemble a conceptual and musical ‎architecture, using the creative process itself as the foundation.‎

After just two editions, the Festival Llums d'Antiga has already become a landmark ‎event in Barcelona. The third festival will once again explore medieval, ‎Renaissance and Baroque music, bringing it to two unusual venues in the city: the ‎‎Santa Àgata Chapel and the Sant Pau del Camp Monastery. Two key ‎historical venues that stand out for their monumental beauty and acoustics that provide the ‎best possible listening experience for this type of music.‎

This year's edition of the Festival Llums d'Antiga, which from now on will be held in spring ‎instead of winter, showcases the work of composers from the 17th and 18th ‎centuries, including famous names like Francesca Caccini, Élisabeth ‎Jacquet de la Guerre and Barbara Strozzi, and others who are less well-known, like ‎‎Isabella Leonarda.‎

The Festival will comprise five concerts featuring some of the most interesting ensembles on ‎the national and international scenes. This is true of the famous Ensemble Gilles ‎Binchois, who will perform works close to our hearts, like the Misses ‎de Barcelona i d'Apt. Nevermind, a line-up of four young ‎French baroque talents (Anna Besson, Louis Creac'h, Robin Pharo and Jean ‎Rondeau), will thrill us with chamber music from their homeland and will also be ‎presenting the premiere of a work by the composer Philippe Hersant.‎

The Hathor Consort and the soprano Dorothee Mields will be reviving the ‎music of some of the female composers we have mentioned, while the Catalan ensemble ‎‎Qvinta Essençia and the renowned soprano Roberta Invernizzi, will be ‎breathing life into the sacred music of Leonarda. The Festival will be completed with the ‎‎Cor Cererolsand their interpretation of works by some of the ‎cornerstones of the Montserrat school, including Cererols, Marc and Ferrer.‎

In addition to the special programme of the Festival Llums d'Antiga, L'Auditori de Barcelona ‎has scheduled other Música Antiga concerts in its halls during the Spring ‎Season, as well as Música de Cambra concerts featuring strong ‎representation from local talent.‎
As part of the Música Antiga series, the two concerts to be held in the coming months will ‎feature Johann Sebastian Bach as the central figure. On the one hand, ‎‎Jordi Savall, after his successful return to L'Auditori de Barcelona last ‎December, will once again take the stage in Hall 1, Pau Casals to conduct one of the mainstays ‎of Western music, the Mass in B minor performed by his groups, Le ‎Concert des Nations and La Capella Reial de Catalunya. ‎

On the other hand, L'Auditori maintains its commitment to the Festival ‎Bachcelona and will offer songs from the master from Eisenach, with soloists from ‎the Bach-Fundació Salvat Scholarship and the Bachcelona Consort.‎

With respect to Música de Cambra, the brilliant cellist Sheku ‎Kanneh-Mason, one of today's best-known emerging figures, returns to L'Auditori ‎de Barcelona accompanied on the piano by his sister Isata Kanneh-Mason. ‎They will be playing works by Beethoven, Bridge and Britten.‎

We will also be welcoming the Trio Fortuny, with Joel Bardolet on the ‎violin, Pau Codina on cello and Marc Heredia at the piano, who will perform works by Pärt, ‎Sorensen, Bloch and Mendelssohn. And the tenor Roger Padullés will be ‎singing the Integral de Cançons by Juli Garreta with Francisco Poyato at ‎the piano. ‎

This Spring Season, the Sampler Sèries, a concert series dedicated to the ‎most ground-breaking creations of the 20th and 21st centuries, is offering a concert ‎dedicated to the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, one of the most ‎innovative figures of the 20th century. The concert will be performed by Frames ‎Percussion and Lluïsa Espigolé, one of the most highly regarded pianists in Europe ‎when it comes to contemporary music. This series is possible thanks to the ‎sponsorship of the Fundació Banc Sabadell. ‎

One of the highlights of Sessions, is the concert by the flamenco singer ‎‎Alba Molina, together with Joselito Acedo, where this genre is explored ‎by taking it closer to the sounds of rock and psychedelic music. ‎

We will also be welcoming the ESMUC Big Band and the Álvaro Torres Trio with ‎saxophonist Philipp Gropper. ‎

L'Auditori de Barcelona has a new show aimed at school and family audiences: ‎‎Ullsclucs.This offering revives traditional music based on the ‎legacy of the Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya, a historic institution that will ‎celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022.‎

Designed for children aged two and over, the show is intended to take us ‎on a walk. The audience is invited to close their eyes and listen to the sounds and noises ‎around them, sounds that generate music, which are those that comprise this repertoire. To ‎this end, the audio features many recordings made in the countryside, like footsteps in the ‎forest, leaves, birds, sounds of the sea, and the noises of grazing herds.‎

To adapt the language of this music to today's audiences, both the arrangements and the ‎instrumentation mix traditional elements with contemporary effects such as ‎synthesizers. The musical research and arrangements are the work of Arnau ‎Obiols.. This show has been co-produced with the Fira Mediterrània.‎

In addition, this year will see a new edition of Cantània, where schools ‎from all over will perform the work Virtual with ‎‎music by Òscar Peñarroya and words by Cèsar Aparício. ‎

In July it will be the turn of the adults with Cantagran, in which choirs of ‎senior citizens from Catalonia will get together at L'Auditori de Barcelona to perform the ‎cantata El cafè de la vida, which L'Auditori commissioned from the ‎composer Josep Ollé. ‎

One of the major undertakings of L'Auditori de Barcelona in the 2020-21 season was the ‎development and implementation of L'Auditori Digital, thanks to which L'Auditori ‎de Barcelona entered the homes of thousands of people around the world. ‎

L'Auditori Digital keeps growing and during the Spring Season ten concerts ‎will be broadcast via live streaming, in addition to the fifty or so already available ‎on the platform. In addition, from March these broadcasts will be in 4k, ‎meaning that the image quality will be even better and the spectators will be able to ‎appreciate much more detail. ‎

In parallel, L'Auditori de Barcelona has set the new annual subscription at just ‎‎€49. ‎

To make concerts more accessible, L'Auditori de Barcelona has developed a ‎‎Barcelona Symphony Orchestra Spring Season Ticket that lets you choose ‎from a wide range of concerts. This means that if you buy tickets for three ‎concerts, you will get a 25% discount, and if you buy tickets for ‎‎five concerts, you will get a 30% discount on the total ‎price.‎
‎ ‎
There is also a season ticket for the Barcelona Symphony Band concerts ‎that gives you a 20% discount when you buy tickets for four or ‎more concerts for the Spring Season.‎

Download images of the artists in the Spring Season here.‎

Download the programme for the Spring Season here

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