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Aleix Palau | 16 June 2021

L’Auditori de Barcelona and the Grec hand over the reins of the Escenes cycle to three creators

This year, Escenes bears the title Dones i Creació (Women and Creation) and is co-produced ‎by L'Auditori and the Grec Festival.‎
Marina Herlop, Tanit Plana and Alba Pujol have devised three offerings that explore creation ‎from a woman’s perspective: Pairidaeza (Garden), Part (Birth) and No puc arrencar-me el cap ‎‎(I Can't Rip My Head Off).‎
From 19 June to 18 July at L’Auditori de Barcelona.‎

L’Auditori de Barcelona and the Grec hand over the reins of the Escenes cycle to three creators

Escenes, a meeting place at L’Auditori for different artistic disciplines and ‎in co-production with the Grec Festival, presents three shows that ‎address creation and fertility seen through the female understanding, body and ‎perspective of Marina Herlop, Tanit Plana and Alba Pujol.‎

This year, the Escenes cycle bears the title Dones i Creació ‎‎(Women and Creation) which, as an interdisciplinary concert, hybridises avant-garde art, ‎theatre and sounds with music to create new narratives that enter into dialogue and ‎challenge one other, searching for understanding and balance.‎

The cycle will premier with Pairidaeza by Marina Herlop that ‎can be seen on 19 and 20 June. Herlop defies the limits of ‎aesthetic conventionality in music and explores the concept of the garden as an ‎abstract space for artistic creation. The name of the show is derived from the word ‎‎pairidaeza, which in old Persian meant “garden” and is the origin of the word ‎‎“paradise”. The inextricable nature of a garden is restricted and arranged by human hands, ‎and this process has much in common with what happens during the artistic creation process: ‎far from subordinating the work to their own person or will, a good gardener and good ‎creator needs to be very familiar with the space, the species and the seasons, and work with ‎this knowledge to enable the space to flourish to its full aesthetic potential.‎

In this interdisciplinary concert, in dialogue with the space designed by the Takk ‎architectural studio and which features the Tarta Relena vocal ‎duo, music melds with performing arts and dance and sees Herlop talk to us about ‎artistic creation through the image of the garden, that advocates a vision of creation linked to ‎perseverance, study, practice and dedication.‎

The next event will be on 9 and 10 July with ‎‎Part (Birth) by photographer and artist Tanit ‎Plana. In her show, the first that Escenes has commissioned from a ‎photographer, Tanit will let hermaternal heartbeat be felt. The ‎artist has undertaken photographic research projects in the past that have received various ‎different awards. For this L’Auditori commission, she has chosen to combine music ‎and dance in a montage about birth, pregnancy and labour which, as American ‎writer Siri Hustvedt noted in her book Memories of the Future, thinkers ‎throughout the ages have paid scant attention to. We are called to celebrate life, to feel ‎perinatal death, to rebel against obstetric violence and to surrender to the powers of ‎childbirth: the origin of the world. Companions on this journey to the beginnings of life are ‎‎Lluïsa Espigolé, a pianist who specialises in contemporary experimental ‎music and the radical and ground-breaking dancer and choreographer ‎from Cádiz, Candela Capitán, who is participating for the first time in a theatrical ‎experience that is sure to leave no-one unmoved, as she is a hugely powerful artist and ‎creator of high-impact images.‎

The Part project expands beyond L’Auditori and can be viewed as a ‎photographic exhibition at the Alalimón Gallery on Carrer de Mèxic during July.‎

The final event will take place on 17 and 18 July with Alba Pujol, actor and ‎multifaceted stage professional, who will present No puc arrencar-me el ‎cap (I Can't Rip My Head Off). This is a show that reflects on shared rest as a ‎revolutionary act, as a transformational ritual, as an act of resistance against this accelerated, ‎exhausting, over-productive, over-exploitative and destructively neoliberal world. No ‎puc arrencar-me el cap is a reminder of the rest denied to us and a ‎celebration (especially a celebration) to mark the care and affection that ‎we give one another to permit us this rest.‎

Alba Pujol, cinema, theatre and TV actor, has worked often with director Àlex Rigola, with ‎whom she has also worked as assistant director. Her musical ally is Xavi Lloses, ‎pianist, composer and producer, who strives unfettered to explore all sound ‎phenomena, constantly seeking to map the confines of what we understand as music. For ‎this reason, he considers himself an “anti-pianist” and even a “sound terrorist”.‎

Production and performers
Marina Herlop: Pairidaeza
Marina Herlop: musical director, vocals, piano and keyboard
Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alex Murillo): space design
Òscar Garrobé: bass and vocals
Toni Llull: percussion and vocals
Marta Torrella: vocals and keyboard
Helena Ros: vocals and iPad
Laia Duran and Lorena Nogal: choreography and movement
Roger Vila: stage direction
Mariona Ibáñez: assistant director, dramatic composition, production
Guillem Bonfill: lighting design
Kiala Kanzi, Guillem Estevan: styling and jewellery
Anjana Berger: latex costume-making
Laura Viñals: production

Tanit Plana: Part
Tanit Plana: creation and direction
Candela Capitán: choreography
Lluïsa Espigolé: piano
Adriana Aranda: soprano
Isabella Gutiérrez: DJ
Candela Capitan, Blackhaine: performers
Silvia Delagneau: stage space ‎
Paula González: assistant stage space
Isabella Gutiérrez: sound space
Marina Giraldos: assistant director
Raquel García-Tomás: music consultant
Alalimón Gallery: exhibition space

Alba Pujol: No puc arrencar-me el cap
Alba Pujol: director
Ferran Dordal Lalueza: dramatic composition
Xavi Lloses: musical director
Marc Salicrú: stage design and lighting
Ariadna Montfort: movement
Irene Vicente: assistant director and production
Performers: Maria Domingo, Maria Lluïsa Baiget, Montse Garriz, Joana Niubó, Mercè Sans ‎and the cast

Download photo of the three artists together at L'Auditori. ‎

Download teaser of the shows by Tanit Plana and Alba Pujol.‎

Download promo images of the ‎three Escenes shows: Dona i Creació.‎

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