L'Auditori is a modern building with premises covering 42,000 square metres. Designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, it was officially opened on 22 March 1999. It is situated at the heart of the new area of urban development in Plaça de les Glòries, where the city's three widest and longest avenues (Diagonal, Gran Via and Meridiana) converge. It is near the city's historic centre, the Eixample, the Teatre Nacional, the Glòries complex, the point where Diagonal reaches the sea, district 22 and the Forum area.

Technical Specifications

  • Architect
    Rafael Moneo

  • Structure
    Mariano Moneo

  • Acoustics
    Higini Arnau
  • Project commissioned 1988

  • Duration of building work
    1990 - 1999

  • Opened
    March 1999

  • Total built surface area
    40,000 m2

The building combines the restrained modernity of its exterior with Auditorium 1 (Pau Casals) for 2,200 spectators, Auditorium 2 (Oriol Martorell) with 600 seats, Auditorium 3 (Tete Montoliu) with 400 seats and the recently opened Auditorium 4 (Alicia de Larrocha) with 152 seats. The central entrance hall features a monumental glass cube in the form of a water tank, decorated with etched paintings by Pablo Palazuelo. The auditorium acoustics have been painstakingly studied as part of the overall project by specialist engineer Higini Arau.

The same complex houses the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and the Museum of Music. L'Auditori is thus a focal point for music in Barcelona, in the fields of dissemination, education and research.

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