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Aleix Palau | 21 July 2021

Jordi Alomar is the new director of Barcelona's Museu de la Música ‎

This afternoon, the board of governors of the Consorci de L'Auditori i L'Orquestra appointed ‎Jordi Alomar Payeras as the new director of the Barcelona Museu de la Música and the ‎Robert Gerhard Centre, following his nomination by the assessment committee in charge of ‎supervising the selection process.

Jordi Alomar is the new director of Barcelona's Museu de la Música ‎

The assessment committee, whose members were unanimous in choosing Alomar, drew ‎special attention to his submitted proposal, which fits in completely with the current ‎objectives of L'Auditori's artistic strategy. In it, noteworthy intellectual reflections were made ‎on the activities of the Museu de la Música and the Robert Gerhard Centre, advocating a ‎modern approach to them. In the committee's opinion, he has demonstrated the necessary ‎skills for the post: strategic vision, a capacity to put strategies into action to achieve the ‎necessary goals, leadership, effective communication, and flexibility.‎

Born in Inca (Balearic Islands) in 1985, Jordi Alomar is a musicologist, musician and cultural ‎manager who combines research with teaching work and independent cultural management ‎activities. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and a Bachelor's Degree in ‎Musicology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in addition to an MA in Cultural ‎Management from Barcelona University. He is attached to Barcelona University's Centre for ‎Cultural, Political and Social Studies and, during his teaching career, he has been a lecturer at ‎the musicology department of the Balearic Music Conservatory, at the composition ‎department of the Escola Superior de Música Taller de Músics, at the Ibiza & Formentera ‎Music Conservatory, and at the University of the Balearic Islands' Cultural Activities Service, ‎where he coordinated a series of Musical Itineraries between 2009 and 2012. Since the 2019-‎‎20 academic year, he has been a lecturer at the production and management department of ‎the Catalonia Music Conservatory.‎

Jordi Alomar has published different work in the journals Revista Musical Catalana and ‎Revista Lluc and for the publishers Editorial Universidad de Granada. ‎

He directed the 'Encontre Internacional de Compositors' contemporary music festival ‎between 2009 and 2012, and he co-directed the Ancient Music Week in Colònia de Sant Pere ‎from 2017 to 2019. In the field of sound art, his project “Arxiu/s - Art Sonor i pràctiques ‎musicals experimentals a Mallorca 1980-2020” ("Archive/s–Sound Art & Experimental Music ‎Practices in Mallorca, 1980-2020") was the winner of the 2020 call for projects by Palma City ‎Council's Directorate-General for Visual Arts, and a big retrospective exhibition is currently ‎being prepared to be held at Casal Solleric in the first half of 2022. He was also the winner of ‎the 2021 Casa Planas-Teatre Principal Art Investigation Programme's Sound Research ‎Residence.‎

In the scenic arts, he has collaborated on various different projects, including the direction of ‎IF Barcelona - Biennial of Visual & Puppet Theatre since 2015 and the management of 'Figures ‎of Doubleness', an exhibition held at Arts Santa Mònica in 2015.‎

He has been a member of the consultancy committee of the Consorci de l'Auditori i ‎l'Orquestra since 2016.‎


Photo of Jordi ‎Alomar

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