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Festival Mozart Nits d'Estiu 2022

Festival Mozart Nits d'Estiu  2022

For yet another year, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra will be joining forces with some of ‎today's finest national and international performers and conductors of Mozart's works, ‎raising the King of Music's star high above the city, where it will shine down just as strongly as ‎Barcelona's dazzling, exuberant, much-desired summer sun. ‎

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is far more than a musician or a composer. Mozart is an ideal. He ‎is a symbol–not only for the worldwide cultural impact that he and his work have had, still ‎have and will continue to have, but also due to his music's complexity and diversity, ranging ‎from the most sublime of utopias (imaginary worlds where contentment, joie de vivre, ‎nobility of spirit and keen originality all reign supreme) to the most turbulent torments and ‎hardships. The sun is always high in the sky, even behind the clouds, however thick and grey ‎they might be. ‎

Mozart composed works of unprecedented vitality and cheer, in addition to other ‎paradigmatic examples of the Sturm und Drang movement: a highly influential ‎forerunner of Romantic aesthetics, which cast its stormy shadow over the early years of the ‎‎19th century and beyond, as demonstrated by the symphony music of the great Paris ‎composer Louise Farrenc.‎

It is important not to overlook the huge influence of theatre and dramatic theory on all ‎Mozart's work, whatever the genre. From his early childhood, Mozart drew prolifically on ‎sparkling streams of Italian theatre music as sources of inspiration (as did his much-admired ‎influence, Christoph Willibald Gluck), and his operas–which are always one of the main ‎cornerstones of all operatic repertoires–represented a huge step forward in the ‎consolidation of opera in German, paving the way for an abundance of such works in the ‎future. ‎

It was an approach to composing and understanding music and to musical creation that also ‎came to prevail in Spain (albeit with the work of Franz Joseph Haydn leaving its most visible ‎hallmark), as demonstrated by Barcelona composer Carles Baguer, who wrote a corpus of ‎religious music and, in particular, priceless examples of symphonic works.‎

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SymphonicOBC: Festival Mozart Nits d'estiu JULIA LEZHNEVA & DANI ESPASA



16 July 2022
Palau de la Música Catalana
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