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Univers Ornette


    Una Muy Bonita (Ornette Coleman, arrangement by Lluís Vidal)
    Els Colors de la Nit (music by Lluís Vidal, lyrics by Carola Ortiz)
    Kathelyn Gray (Ornette Coleman, arrangement by Joan Sanmartí)
    Ornette or Nothing (Joan Sanmartí)
    Lonely Woman/Peace (Ornette Coleman, arrangement by Joan Monné)
    Return Around (Joan Monné)
    All My Life (Ornette Coleman, arrangement by Joan Díaz)
    Etern Cool Man (Joan Díaz)


    Nieves Aliaño, flute and piccolo
    Carola Ortiz, clarinet, bass clarinet and vocals
    Albert Carrique, alto sax, clarinet and bass clarinet
    Albert Abad, alto and soprano sax and clarinet
    Santi de la Rubia, tenor and soprano sax
    Julián Sánchez, Gregori Hollis, Joan Mar Sauqué, trumpets
    Bartomeu Garcías, trombone
    Alex Huguet, bass trombone
    Blai Navarro, accordion
    Joan Pérez Villegas, mallet percussion
    Joan Sanmartí, guitar
    Apel·les Carod, violin
    Miquel Álvarez, double bass
    Andreu Pitarch, drums
    Xoan Sanchez, percussion
    Joan Díaz, Joan Monné, Joan Sanmartí and Lluís Vidal, direction


The Esmuc Jazz Project is an established orchestral training ground, it was started in 2015 in the Jazz and Modern Music Department of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya by lecturers Lluís Vidal, Francesc Capella, Joan Díaz, Joan Monné and Joan Sanmartí with the aim of growing a contemporary musical aesthetic, bringing together elements from different musical styles of the 20th century: jazz, rock, contemporary chamber and symphonic music, ethnic music, etc.

The orchestra includes undergraduates from jazz and modern music disciplines as well as those involved in classical and contemporary music, as well as former students and lecturers.

Each year they perform a project concert which is built around a noteworthy musician from the world of jazz and modern music, reworking and reinventing their work, and creating original new material deeply inspired by their music. This year the project is called “Univers Ornette” and is inspired by the saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman.

  • 5€
  • Sala 3 Tete Montoliu
  • Emergents Barcelona Music Festival

As part of the Emergents Barcelona Music Festival, THE ESMUC JAZZ PROJECT presents a concert inspired by the saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman.



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