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Aleix Palau | 3 February 2020

Ensemble O Vos Omnes Opens the Festival Llums d'Antiga‎ at L’Auditori Tomorrow

The Festival Llums d'Antiga opens tomorrow, with a programme of music based around the ‎Medici family and Girolamo Savonarola at L’Auditori in Hall 2 Oriol Martorell. ‎
Six concerts will be held in four different venues in Barcelona, featuring over fifty artists from ‎Spain and abroad, and some sixty works.‎

Ensemble O Vos Omnes Opens the Festival Llums d'Antiga‎ at L’Auditori Tomorrow

At 8 pm tomorrow, in L’Auditori’s Hall 2 Oriol Martorell, Ensemble O Vos Omnes will ‎be presenting a programme that reflects the turning point in history that Dominican Friar ‎Girolamo Savonarola represented in the Florence of the Medici family. From the ‎Church of Sant Marc, Savonarola preached fervently against the corruption of the ruling ‎classes, the extravagance of the rich and the sins of the Church.‎

Prior to the friar’s arrival, Florence was a city in which carnival musicians and shameless risqué ‎songs formed an essential part of the festivities in its Florentine palaces. With Savonarola’s ‎powerful influence and strict doctrine, all these festive expressions were banned in Florence ‎and the songs were replaced with lutes and religious motets.‎

So powerful was Savonarola that he led to the Medicis’ being overthrown, represented by ‎‎The bonfire of the vanities, where dresses, cosmetics, mirrors, paintings, books, ‎musical scores and instruments were burned. Finally, the friar turned his attacks to Pope ‎Alexander VI, meeting his downfall in his fight against the Borgia family. He was ‎excommunicated, tortured and condemned to death, the victim of the same flames that he ‎had fanned. ‎

All this will be expressed through music by Byrd, De Lasso, Desprez and Savonarola ‎himself. ‎

The 2020 Festival Llums d'Antiga
L’Auditori presents the second edition of the Festival Llums d'Antiga, ‎which will take place from 4 to 16 February 2020 in different venues in ‎Barcelona. The festival continues to aspire to bring repertoires and performers to ‎the public beyond the confines of the concert halls.‎

Under the title "Freedom. Between Chaos and Order", this year the Festival Llums d'Antiga ‎‎takes the work of Ludwig van Beethoven on the 250th anniversary of his ‎birth to explore the concept of personal and artistic freedom.‎

The festival will bring leading international ensembles and soloists to Barcelona, such as ‎harpsichordist Justin Taylor, the ensembles Sollazzo Ensemble, Graindelavoix and El Gran ‎Teatro del Mundo, and the prestigious Spanish soprano María Espada, who will be ‎accompanied by La Real Cámara chamber orchestra and Emilio Moreno. ‎

‎* Download the press file and photos of the artists taking part in the Festival Llums ‎d'Antiga

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