Education & social

Barcelona is a charming city where you can find a lot of recreational activities for all tastes. It is a modern, cosmopolitan and cultural city that has been chosen many times as the venue for the realization of world events. It is a city that offers a great cultural, historical and artistic wealth. There are many activities in Barcelona that you can enjoy, as the wide selection of educational projects and familiar programs of l’Auditori.

In l’Auditori of Barcelona you will find a wide and varied range of musical shows and activities in Barcelona. L’Auditori mainly wants to educate and entertain, from the oldest to the smallest, and its main objective is to share the experience of music and make it enjoyable for everybody. In l’Auditori you will find projects like the Preludi, which aims to bring music to people and to teach them to listen at it properly, participatory activities such as Cantània or the Club of Petit Conciert, designed for the smallest members of the family, among other educational and social programs.

Concerts and activities for the little ones are a good excuse to hang out with the kids to enjoy activities in Barcelona, creating an ideal environment to educate the children in a natural and also a funny way. The influence of music was discovered long ago and for that reason l’Auditori also started a pioneering project that brings music to the smallest offering activities for babies (concerts for babies).

Music has a great power and provides a pleasant learning experience that stimulates the imagination and creativity, especially in children. In addition, music creates bonds between parents and children, modulated by the rhythms and sounds that are generated in the musical environament, and it is proved that to share these musical moments strengthens the familiar ties. These ties will be useful for the child in establishing the relationships that will go along with him/her throughout their entire life and development. L'Auditori educates and has many materials to assist in the educational process and resources to bring music to a vast audience. Also it has a social program, Apropa Cultura, designed to bring music to the most fragile and vulnerable groups of the society.

L'Auditori wants to play an important role in educational and familiar activities in Barcelona and will not stop working until it becomes one of the best Barcelona attractions for the whole family.