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Aleix Palau | 18 February 2022

“Demoledora” opens the Escenes programme at L’Auditori

David Climent (, Adriano Galante (Seward), Sara Serrano and Alessia Schoor reflect on housing at a show commissioned by L’Auditori.
19 and 20 February in Hall 3, Tete Montoliu at L’Auditori de Barcelona.

“Demoledora” opens the Escenes programme at L’Auditori

Escenes, a programme of events at L’Auditori where music enters into dialogue with the performing arts, opens this weekend with the show Demoledora. Commissioned by L’Auditori , the show brings together director and visual artist Sara Serrano, actor and creator David Climent (, musician and performer Adriano Galante (Seward) and architect and designer Alessia Schoor.

Together, the four creators present a compelling, sarcastic, entertaining cross-disciplinary show, inspired by broad-ranging situations related to decent and not-so-decent housing.

The show reflects on the increasingly small homes we live in, situated in increasingly big cities. They are tiny living spaces where we gradually occupy less physical space in exchange for more virtual space. In these supposed private spaces, we live with the sounds of others, as if they were our own, with walls that create a gulf bigger than an ocean. They are private homes where we work 24/7 to be able to live 24/7. We move home in a discontinuous perpetual way. A decent home is 5G connectivity. But any resistance to this is and will be devastating.

The second show in the Escenes programme will take place on 2 and 3 of April, when composer and producer Clara Aguilar will present L'Amour Toujours , inspired by this season’s theme of love and hate (Amor Odi) at L'Auditori.

The show is a staged ritual of the act of love : a liturgical space where acts are embodied and expressed by scenic artists from the world of theatre. An act of love is one born of surrender and devotion to an idea, a person, a god […]: of the need to deliver oneself up to the other.

These acts of love fluctuate between the personal individualism of each artist and the collective element involved in its proffered display to the audience. L’Amour Toujours is a meta-ceremony, since it requires collective effort, like the staged act itself.

On 16 and 17 July, the last show this season can be seen, Desert, held as part of the Grec Festival. The starting point for the show is Timber (2009), a work by American composer Michael Gordon (1956-), premiered in Spain by the percussion ensemble FRAMES Percussion in 2016.

Dancer and choreographer Albert Quesada offers a new take on the original work, with new staging and an innovative use of sound design in a unique immersive experience.

In the words of Michael Gordon, Timber “evokes a trip out into the desert”, a journey that the audience will embark on through their immersion in sound and dance and the sobriety and frugality of the musical score. The music is dependent on just six wooden semantrons: huge pieces of wood used for Eastern European Orthodox worship. Timber is an aesthetic experience, inspiring reflection and a journey into our own private inner desert.

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