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Jaimie Branch

Fly or Die

Foto Jaimie Branch ©Totem Ent.


Music like Jaimie Branch’s can only be born from a sense of urgency, an urgent need to connect to the moment, to live it with total commitment. The American trumpeter’s reactive and purposeful intensity produces music that is contemporary, vibrant and totally alive. She says that “All the music that ever was and ever will be is here now. It exists in a cloud just above our heads. When we play, we pluck it out of the ether for a lil while before sending it back up.” Above her own head she has known the skies of Chicago, Baltimore and New York, tough cities where Branch has walked like others before her, aware of her commitment as an activist and, above all, dedicated to exploring and pushing the limits of her instrument, blurring borders between styles, being free. Either you fly or you die, Jaimie and her band warn us. A concert by Jaimie Branch is a celebration, a dance, a desire to take on the world.

    • Wednesday 17 May 20:00
  • €15
  • Sala 3 Tete Montoliu
  • Sessions

Living, contemporary, vibrant music. Celebration, dance and commitment.

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17 May 2023

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