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Lindberg by Lindberg

Foto Magnus Lindberg ©Philip Gatward


    Magnus Lindberg: Kraft for six soloists, orchestra and electronics (1985) 31'
    Gérard Grisey: Les Espaces Acoustiques - V - Transitoires for orchestra (1981) 20'


    Anssi Karttunen, cello
    Magnus Lindberg, piano
    Ernest Martínez Izquierdo, conductor
    Esmuc Symphony Orchestra


When a sound is produced, the specific outcome is dependent on the harmonic spectrum; that is, sounds do not emit a single wave, but several waves (although our ears are not generally able to hear them all). However, through the branch of physics known as acoustics, the complexities of specific sounds can be studied by spatialising them, for instance by means of spectroscope analyses. That is why Gérard Grisey talked of “acoustic spaces”, because he no longer used “notes” to work but “sounds”; that is, by opening up the spectrum that serves to create a piece. Kraft also deals with sounds and space. In its composition, Lindberg tries to convey the “power” (the title of the work) of sound, paying more attention to masses of sound than to the specific timbre of each instrument. He also plays with the linear way of listening to music that is fostered in the design of concert halls by amplifying the soloists so the sound is relayed throughout the hall. Likewise, the instruments are distributed in different groups, positioned in different areas. In Lindberg’s work, Grisey’s acoustic space is turned outwards.  

    • Sunday 25 June 19:00
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  • Hall 1 Pau Casals
  • Sampler Series

Two ground-breaking, emblematic 20th century symphonic works.  

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25 June 2023
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