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For primary school pupils in years 1 to 6

’Els compositors entren a l'aula’ is a project by L’Auditori’s Servei Educatiu and the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Institut de Ciències de l’Eduació (Institute for Educational Science), aimed at offering primary school students an insight into contemporary music by listening to and creating music, with the active participation of contemporary composers. The project, which was first introduced in the 2014-15 academic year, has featured the involvement of the following composers: Agustí Charles, Ramon Humet, Josep M. ‎Guix, Hèctor Parra, Oliver Rappoport, Carlos de Castellarnau, Pablo Carrascosa, Bernat ‎Vivancos, Raquel García Tomás, Joan Magrané, Octavi Rumbau, Fabià Santcovsky, Núria Giménez and Fritz ‎Hauser.‎ The purpose of the experience is for boys and girls to participate in the creation of a joint work in a process in which the children learn music by creating and publicly performing their own compositions.
The project starts out with a selection of works by contemporary composers featured on the programme of the Sampler Sèries and the design of teaching activities to work on in the classroom. The training of the teaching staff in charge of the activities continues throughout the project, with each of them working on a single piece of music. The classroom activities start with the children listening to and analysing a work, after which the boys and girls work on the creation of small compositions inspired by the musical characteristics of the piece that they have studied. On the day that the composer joins the pupils in the classroom, the children’s compositions are presented to them so that they can suggest possible ways of improving the pieces. At subsequent sessions, the pupils discuss the suggestions and test them out by putting them into practice with a view to the final performance of the works. Lastly, the works are presented at concerts at L’Auditori, attended by pupils from the different centres taking part in the project.

The schools taking part in the project, which runs for two academic years, undertake to:

-Participate in the project for two academic years
-First year: The registered music teacher must attend 6 training sessions (*) + 1 final assessment meeting. In total, this comes to 30 hours of training, recognised by the Catalan Department of Education.
-Second year: The music teacher must attend 3 training sessions + 1 final assessment meeting. These training sessions are not recognised.
- Devote one session a week to the project over a period of approximately four to five months of the school year, from the start date through to the day of the concert.
-Receive a visit from the composer, during the second half of the second term, for a 1.5-hour session per group at the school. The timings will be agreed upon with the registered teacher to fit in with the centre’s schedule. ‎
-Present the works at a concert (**) in L’Auditori’s Hall 4. The pupils taking part must perform their compositions live at L’Auditori. These concerts are not open to the public.

Minimum requirements for teachers taking part:
-Be a music teacher
-Have at least 5 academic years’ experience as a primary school music teacher
-Have been teaching at the registered teaching centre for at least two years‎
- Preferably the students should have an elementary level of music

Dates for the 2022/23 academic year
(*) The training sessions will be as follows:
‎‎-Four sessions between the months of September and November at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), one of which will be held during school hours at a school
-Two sessions during the months of January and February, with a third in May

(**) The concerts will be held on:

‎•28 March 2023 at 10 am and 11.45 am
•29 March 2023 at 10 am and 11.45 am
•30 March 2023 at 10 am and 11.45 am

Registration and prices
Registration to take part in the project will be open from 5 September 2022 by e-mail.‎ To register, fill in and send this form to ‎ ‎

The schools taking part will be selected in strict order of receipt of the registration forms.
This year, the project is open to five schools.

The price per school is €50 per academic year, to be paid prior to the first training session. Once the school’s registration has been confirmed, information on the payment process will be sent. The above price includes the materials, the training sessions and students’ admission to the concert.

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