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For primary-school pupils

The Composers in the Classroom project is a joint collaboration between L’Auditori’s ‎Servei Educatiu (Educational Service) and the UAB’s (Autonomous University of Barcelona) ‎Institute of Educational Sciences that seeks to bring contemporary music to pupils ‎in their primary-school classrooms by getting them to listen to works and create their own ‎pieces, in the company of current composers. This project began in the 2014-15 academic ‎year, and composers involved thus far include Agustí Charles, Ramon Humet, Josep Maria ‎Guix, Hèctor Parra, Oliver Rappoport, Carlos de Castellarnau, Pablo Carrascosa, Bernat ‎Vivancos, Raquel García-Tomás, Joan Magrané, Octavi Rumbau, Fabià ‎Santcovsky‏ ‏and Fritz ‎Hauser.‎

The projects starts with a selection of works by contemporary composers associated with the ‎Sampler Sèries programme and then appropriate teaching activities are devised. ‎Subsequently, the teachers who will be running the course receive training, which continues ‎throughout the project. Then comes the classroom work which involves listening to the ‎works, analysing the music, and the children themselves write short compositions that mirror ‎the musical characteristics of the works studied. These productions are presented and then ‎discussed and corrected by the composers during their time in the classrooms of the ‎participating schools. Using the notes and suggestions given, the pupils improve their ‎compositional ideas and start rehearsals for the eventual performance of their work. The ‎final stage is the presentation of the works in concerts at L'Auditori with pupils from the ‎different participating schools attending.‎

The project seeks to open up the minds of the children to the collaborative creation of a ‎work of art, with the ultimate goal of getting them to perform and share it in public.‎

Schools that participate in this project that runs over two academic years must ‎commit to: ‎

  • Participate in the project for two academic years.

  • First year: it is compulsory that the registered music teacher attends 6 training sessions ‎‎(*) + 1 final assessment meeting. This training lasts 30 hours, and is officially recognised by ‎the Department of Education.

  • Second year: the music teacher attends 3 training sessions (*) + 1 final assessment ‎meeting. These hours of training are not officially recognised.

  • Dedicate one session per week to the project, from the start until the day of the ‎concert, accounting for approximately four months of the school year.

  • Host the composer at the school during the second half of the second term for one 1.5 ‎hour-session per class group. The timetable is to be agreed with the registered teaching staff ‎and attempts will be made to adapt to the requirements of the school.

  • Present the works in concert (**) in Sala 3 at L’Auditori. The participating students will ‎need to come to L’Auditori to perform their compositions live. These concerts are not open ‎to the public.

Minimum requirements of the teacher in order to be able to participate

  • To be a teacher specialising in music

  • To have at least five academic years’ experience as a music teacher to primary-school ‎pupils

  • To have been teaching for a minimum of two years in the school that has signed up to ‎the project

  • It is also recommended that they have music studies equal to elementary ‎level

2021/22 academic year dates
‎(*) The training sessions will take place on:
- Four sessions between September and November at the UAB.
- Two sessions during the months of January, February and a third in May.

(**) The concerts will take place on:

•5 April at 10 am and 11:45 am
•6 April at 10 am and 11:45 am
•7 April at 10 am and 11:45 am

Registration and prices
Registration for the project opens on 7 September 2020 via e-mail.‎

To register, please send this completed form to ‎ ‎

The selection of participating schools will be done strictly on a first-come first-served basis. ‎

This year, we are opening the project to 5 schools. ‎

The price per school is €50 per academic year which must be paid before ‎the first training session. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive payment ‎details. The price includes the materials, training sessions and entry of the pupils to the ‎concert.‎

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