Aleix Palau | 25 October 2019

Chicuelo and Marco Mezquida open the L’Auditori Jazz Sessions with their album No hay dos sin tres in ‎a sold-out event

Ludovico Einauri, Mayte Martín, Miguel Poveda, Cécile McLorin ‎and María José Llergo will be ‎some of this season’s headliners. Xavi Torres will revisit Beethoven’s sonatas as part of the ‎Beethoven250 Festival.‎

L’Auditori maintains its commitment to jazz and music improvisation for another season ‎through the Jazz Sessions, a programme that brings together the most ‎diverse styles and genres and that starts tonight, in Hall 2 Oriol Martorell, with a ‎performance by Chicuelo and Marco Mezquida. ‎

Through the Jazz Sessions, we continue to encourage contemporary works with ‎‎Revisiting, a series of commissions to local musicians whom we invite to ‎create jazz covers of the greatest works of classical and popular music. This year, Revisiting ‎will be led by pianist Xavi Torres, who will provide a ‎‎new interpretation of some of Beethoven’s sonatas as part of L’Auditori’s ‎Beethoven250 Festival, as well as guitarist David Soler, who will ‎be repeating his take on the great Pink Floyd classic The ‎Dark Side of the Moon following the success of last season’s performance.‎

Thanks to L’Auditori’s connections with new talent, you will have the chance to discover the ‎jazz projects of the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC), the Taller de Músics music school, ‎the Conservatory of the Liceu and the Young Musicians of Catalonia as part of the ‎‎Emergents Festival. With the arrival of the good weather, L’Auditori will ‎once again fill its outdoor music area with the Vermut Jazz free ‎programme, which will consist of seven events with the best local jazz: the Latin flavour of ‎the Ortiz & Santana & Barenghi Trio, the Impact ‎ensemble’s tribute to the music of Charles Tolliver, the ESMUC Big Band ‎led by Lluís Vidal, the Jaume Vilaseca Trio’s covers of ‎the music of Genesis, the first performance of the very young St ‎George Quartet, the introduction of the Roger Mas Trio’s latest ‎album, and a journey through film classics led by trumpeter David Pastor’s ‎quartet.‎

Flamenco will also feature in the music at the Jazz Sessions, with the ‎introduction of Chicuelo and Marco Mezquida’s long-awaited second ‎album No hay dos sin tres and the end of Las ‎Migas’ world tour. In addition, there will be a concert by Flamenco singer ‎Miguel Poveda to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Taller de Músics music ‎school, Mayte Martín’s show Memento and a unique event with the ‎visionary singing of the young performer María José Llergo. Later on, and ‎once the programme for the Ciutat Flamenco festival has been released, we will be able to ‎add new names to our season thanks to L’Auditori’s involvement with the said festival. ‎

Ludovico Einaudi’s arrival in Barcelona will bring together the programmes ‎of L’Auditori and the Barcelona Jazz Festival. You will also have the chance to enjoy the voice ‎of outstanding international performer and two-time Grammy winner Cécile ‎McLorin. Once again this season, jazz will go hand in hand with the Sampler Series, ‎which will be devoted to new music and will feature in particular a performance by Majorcan ‎pianist Agustí Fernández, a world leader in free improvisation, who will ‎introduce the two ensembles led by him: Liquid Trio, with Catalan musicians Ramon Prats and ‎Albert Cirera; and Louisiana Variations, with experienced performers Torben Snekkestad and ‎Barry Guy.‎

To view the Jazz Sessions programme in full, click h‎ere.‎