Canta Gran is a programme stemming directly from Barcelona Town Council's 2002 social ‎welfare policies. Its aim is to increase the active role of the elderly and to enable them to ‎participate fully in society. This activity is intended to form part of a further cycle of personal ‎growth and quality of life, adding “life to years rather than just years to life”. The project has ‎successfully put choirs of elderly people in the foreground in all participating cities.‎

Count Arnau is a legend – one might almost say the Catalan legend par excellence. The figure ‎of a hedonistic and enraged mediaeval knight who seeks pleasure in dishonouring both ‎married and unmarried women in his region and the subsequent punishment of being ‎eternally undead, a tormented soul riding through the forests and hollows of Montgrony and ‎Gombrèn, has been a source of inspiration for many poets in Catalan literature, ranging from ‎Jacint Verdaguer to Joan Brossa and including Maragall and Sagarra, among others. ‎

The cantata presented here, beautifully set to music by Albert Guinovart, recounts the story ‎of this mythical figure and his terrible legend, giving a voice to the main poets who brought ‎him alive in their works. ‎

The sorrows and orgiastic joys of the Count of Mataplana are the seeds that have now ‎blossomed into this new musical proposal.‎

Guest artists and performers:

Albert Guinovart, music‎
Joan Lluís Bozzo, dramatics‎
Montserrat Meneses, musical direction and coordination‎
Oriol Castanyer, musical direction
Ignasi Tomàs, stage direction ‎
Adrià Aguilera, piano‎
Edurne Vila, violin‎
Marc García, French horn ‎
Guillem Prats, double bass‎
Fani Fortet, percussion
Tànit Bono, soloist‎
Toni Vinyals, soloist ‎

10th December
, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. - Exclusive entrance with invitation

5th February , 2019 at 6:30 p.m. - Ticket price: € 5 Buy

Singer care service:
Registration, materials, calendar, etc.‎
Tel. No.: +34 935 666 543‎