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In light of it now being impossible to continue with the scheduled programming due to the ‎COVID-19 crisis, we have been forced to cancel all L’Auditori’s events and activities ‎and terminate the 2019-2020 season. As of today, we are beginning the process of ‎refunding tickets and subscriptions for the cancelled concerts.‎

L’Auditori planned the 2020-2021 season months ago with a new artistic project which we ‎would very much have liked to have shared with you. But the current situation requires us to ‎be responsible and for that reason we are putting all our efforts into devising solutions ‎appropriate to the different scenarios that arise, in order to continue bringing music and ‎culture to everyone whilst rigorously following the guidelines set out by the health ‎authorities. We hope to be able to share more about this with you very soon!‎

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and trust, something ‎we will need plenty of in order to relaunch the cultural life of Catalonia when this is all over.‎

We hope to be able to present the new season to you very soon and enjoy it together. ‎Meanwhile, we are still here for you during lockdown via the digital platform L’Auditori at home with ‎you, offering online content that we hope helps the hours pass more ‎enjoyably.‎

Detailed refund information:


Tickets purchased online:You will receive the automatic refund ‎of your purchase directly to the card with which it was made.‎
Tickets purchased at the box office:You will be sent an e-mail asking you ‎to provide your card number and the expiry date and will then receive the refund to the ‎card.‎


Payment by DIRECT DEBIT:You do not have to do anything. We will issue ‎the refund to the same bank account that we have on your file. If you pay your subscription ‎and also that of another person, we will pay you one single joint payment.‎
Payment by CASH OR CARD:You will be sent an e-mail asking you to ‎provide your card number and the expiry date and will then receive the refund to the card. If ‎you pay your subscription and also that of another person, we will pay you one single joint ‎payment.‎
Additional tickets:If you purchased any additional ticket/s, we will issue ‎the refund for this/these at the same time.‎
Concert changes:The calculation of the refund will be done on an ‎individual basis taking into account the concert changes you have made.‎


If you purchased tickets using a gift card or a subscription promotion gift voucher, the refund ‎will be issued to the gift card and its period of validity will be extended so you can redeem it ‎next season.‎



Processing will take several days owing to the high numbers of people affected by the ‎cancellations. L’Auditori’s teams are working as quickly as possible to issue all the refunds, ‎which we expect to take place within approximately 30 days. We thank you for your ‎understanding and patience.‎
Owing to the fact it is not possible to attend to the public in person and that we are working ‎remotely, it is very important that you make sure you provide us an e-mail address ‎that you check regularly so we can communicate with you promptly and efficiently.‎

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